This is the best event they've ever done in Halo Infinite so far. For one reason

The challenges didn’t take all week to grind. Now I can play whatever mode I want without worrying about missing out on stuff. Time for a BTB binge.

This event makes me want to come back and play more Halo Infinite when I’m finished with the challenges, rather than praying next weeks weekly unlock is just an emblem so I can take a week off. Keep this up 343 and I’ll play more Halo Infinite than I have in the past.

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I have never thought the challenges were hard, ever. I just think they are too randomly generated and that is a big reason why it makes Challenges in Infinite so annoying. I always end up playing Infinite longer than I want to just so I can finish these Events. I just want to do the Event and log off to play my other games but I am forced into using Challenge Swaps or playing extra game modes I really don’t have any urge to play, all so I can clear these normal blue challenges to get more orange challenges…

I’ve seen a few posts talking about how the challenges are better now… How so? They look the same to me. I even have to clear normal challenges to get the orange challenges to come back or I’ll wait until it resets the next day.

I’m still being told to play Tactical Slayer, Ranked, and Fiesta and win Team Slayer matches and play Odd Ball and kill a Flag Carrier through my challenges. When all I want to do is play the new Event lol. I could care less about all the other game modes I’ve played dozens and dozens of times already for months. I want to play the new mode and that’s it but I have to keep going between Entrenched and some other playlists to clear these Challenges.

I really like Land grab for one reason: no camping