This is spoilers about Halo Infinite, so don't click if you haven't beaten campaign

So, just finished Infinite and I noticed something I’m not quite sure if it’s a discrepancy or not. At one point, it’s revealed that Cortana ordered Leonidas to self destruct the Spartan IV training facility Laconia Station. However, in the book Bad Blood, Buck stops Leonidas from being able to do such a thing by shutting him down.

The only known piece of Leonidas to exist after that point was a small chunk he broke off to hide in Dutch’s wife’s armor. Surely Jun wouldn’t implement any AI after that close call, especially not another Leonidas copy.

So, is this a discrepancy on Matt Forbeck’s end? I know the writer’s often stay in touch with those in 343 and other writer’s 343 has hired on or commissioned to write their EU novels. Or is there something else we’re not aware of at play?


The games will always override the books cannon.
Atleast in so far as retroactive continuity is concered.

I was wondering the same thing. Learning things through messages and hologram is really disturbing !
Either we are missing information that will be revealed to us later, or they are not following the books (and we will have a pathetic attempt to connect the two stories, as was done with Halo fall of reach)


I lean in the direction of there being some further information that hasn’t yet been shared on this one. 343 is generally plugged into the EU for their game writing, and something this big shouldn’t have slipped by, IMO.

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So Either Cortana is lying to demoralize the UNSC or 343 has no respect or awareness of proper continuity.

They just wanted to make Cortana kill or Blow up as many things as they could make her do and it’s a lazy way of continuing what they started with Halo 5.

Shoddy writing if you ask me


infinite was the most lazily written game i have ever played, what with “holograms” telling us 85-90% of the story