This Is Ridiculous!

So right now Im grinding on Warzone Assualt because I know the 80k pack is coming, and the past 3 games the defending team did the wall glitch where they can hide behind a wall and not get shot at and still be defending the base! I know 343 knows the problem and I know it can be a quick fix. They fixed griffball fast why not Warzone Assualt

Grav hammer is the quick fix. Patch them right to hell. You know, until they respawn. Lol.

While you’re waiting for that fix, there are ways to dislodge those pesky cheaters.

  • Grav Hammer the entrance where you suspect the cheaters to be. - If you can at least partially see the cheaters sticking out, lob a splinter nade at them. - I’ve heard that heavy weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod work if the cheaters are partially exposed (haven’t tested it).It sucks, I know, but all you can do right now is try and blast 'em out, jump in there with 'em and kill 'em, or, if you can’t, just take the loss and mass report the cheaters on Xbox Live.

Why is that even fun? Just childish and I hope they get reported or banned

I still have yet to play a game of Warzone Assault… why?

Those cheaters really need to be perma banned


Grifball required an emergency hotfix to fix the invisible walls being broken, I would hardly say it was a quick or simple fix.

Warzone doesn’t use Forge in anyway, so I imagine that it’s a lot harder to fix.

Just report any players you see doing this.

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> They deserve perma bans.

Not perma but a timeout