This is not fun and makes me want to uninstall the game

I don’t play Infinite much anymore. I prefer MCC, but I wanted to give it another go today.
After a few matches, all of my challenges changed to event only challenges. I tried to swap them, but it only swapped for more event challenges.

I do not like the event gamemode. I do not want to play the event gamemode.
I do not like the event armor. I do not want to play the event gamemode for the armor.
I cannot progress a battle pass I purchased without playing the event gamemode, aside from 50xp from normal games.
Why am I being forced to play the event gamemode to level up?
Why am I being punished for playing regular gamemodes by having my xp per game go from 300xp to 50xp?
What point is there for me to play, and not just afk and collect my 50XP in BTB like I see so many teammates do?

This is not fun. This game is not fun and is actively avoiding being fun. I don’t know why I keep it installed at this point if this is what the progression has turned into.


I wish the game was being designed for the player base as well as 343, but it’s not. That is the #1 thing the original Bungie has over most gaming business these days and it is what made Halo successful.


You know this game isn’t designed for any sort of consumer when they are quicker to condemn people for simply wanting to play on lower ping.

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I have a better idea.

Why not base an entire season about playing alone with a featured game mode that you can’t play with your friends. Oh wait…

from what i understand, Microsoft had its fingers in deep in terms of the micro transactions, that being said i agree about the MCC, i’m excited for forge. or rather cautiously optimistic. i think if u have Halo Infinite installed rn… i mean i keep it installed if only to play campaign from time to time. with season 3 on the Horizon and forge being available soon, i don’t see a reason to uninstall unless space is an issue. but seriously though i get it… i ranted about it two weeks after season 2 launched and i finished the battle pass… so ya i get it… the events have been poor to say the least. not worth jumping into and at best you get a meh armor core that has no customization options sooooooo. … whats the point? but who knows, new leadership at 343, same og Halo Devs returning. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel… hopefully someone didn’t just drop a flashlight