this is MY opinion.

We might see some sort of Armor, whatever you want to call it, Ability. I think that there shouldn’t be any “given” Armor Ability because if you look at other games that give perks they were successful at first, but then declined drastically in interest over the years. I loved playing Halo 3 because you didn’t have a given perk like other games. If i got tired of playing Halo 3, i would play CoD 4 because it was different at that time, then switch back and so on. Now these days almost all shooters have given perks and it gets boring playing the same game style. I would love to play Halo 4 and find your perks because it will be back to being different, which I believe would make the game series more popular again. If you think otherwise, then please tell me your opinion on why we need given perks. I can’t think of any reasons to bring back given perks.