This Is My Last Ditch Effort - 343, Please See This (360 Titles)

Hey guys.

I was banned from the OG Halo 4 back in 2013 because I had screenshots of a modded campaign theater file off of someone’s file share. I was playing multiplayer one day and saw someone somehow had played the last mission of Halo 4 & made a theater file & put it in their file share. I thought it was cool, downloaded it & took some screenshots of the theater file & put the screenshots in my file share. A day or two later, I was permanently banned from Halo 4 for having these technically “modded” files in my file share.

I understand that it was wrong of me to download a modded file, however I didn’t know it actually was modded nor would result in a permanent ban for life. I understand a week, or a month, but a permanent ban for a mod I didn’t make seemed harsh.

I’m a longtime fanatic of the series. I’ve gone through all the 360 Halo games and I’m just about to get every 360 Halo achievement before the sunset on Thursday. However, I have one more multiplayer achievement for Halo 4 that I cannot get because I’m banned.

Seeing as modding has become more accepted in the Halo/Xbox community, many prominent modders (including the one that made the mod I got banned for downloading, Zedd) help out 343 with titles on the MCC, the mod I downloaded wasn’t malicious in any way, and since the game is about to be sunsetted forever come Thursday, I was wondering if its at all possible to lift the ban on my Xbox account “Kieshadilla” for this last day just to complete something that really means a lot to me. Thanks so much for reading.

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