This is how to fix Challenges so people play the objective in matches

Finally started doing some challenges today. They make me play worse. I have a challenge to get AR kills and I find myself holding back grenades and mellee to get the AR kills and die a lot. So many challenges negatively affect matches.

Ive just come to the realisation of what will solve ALL of Infinites problems with its challenges. Make it so you ALSO have to win the match to complete a challenge.

Basicallly, my AR challenge kills should not count if I lose the match. This willl stop challenge hunters completely ruining matches and remind everyone winning the match is most important. If i win the match, i will still be happy if I only banked 2 AR kills.


Dude. No. Even if you finally progress on the challenge AND try to win, that leaves way too much in the hands of your teammates. Also, it means that the other team will always be sweaty trying to complete their challenges and win the game. They would have to dial challenges wayyyy tf back (get one AR kill, get one assist) for that to be even moderately okay.


I got the AR and Bulldog challenge done across three objective matches and participated actively.

I don’t know why weapon based challenges might be an issue especially when they’re tied so closely to the game’s mechanics and are balanced well.

its called a challenge. yes they would have to dial challenges back if they also require wins

almost every challenge is an issue. I found myself camping by my flag to let the enemy pick it up so i could complete a challenge of killing an enemy with a flag. The challenges encourage bad behaviour

I think you’re looking for a problem here. I never have trouble killing the flag carrier unless I’m dead or something.

Play the game around the mode you find yourself in rather than looking at it as a grind, and you’ll have the challenges done in no time. In two evenings, 8 hours of play total, I had last weeks challenges done with a little help from swaps and boosts by simply playing the modes I was in. -If- our flag got taken, I was certain to make it my priority take out the flag carrier.

Besides, if this is QP, then it’s no big deal if you play the challenges anyway.

Either that, or use a swap.

I am going to play properly. i dont like losing or dying all the time. however, i imagine many people dont care if they lose or die and are ruining matches for people.

I’d rather win matches than complete challenges faster so im going to level up slower. That doesnt sound right.

There doesn’t have to be an “either/or” choice.

You can play the objective and progress moderately quickly simultaneously.

Again, you’re creating a problem scenario when you could just be working around it. Strategize better, play the objectives better, coordinate, utilize swaps and boosts, play with friends. It goes by a lot quicker and easier when you don’t create unnecessary roadblocks.

what i say is fact. I can complete challenges much quicker but lose in the process because of it. I now choose to mostly ignore challenges and unlock them much slower while other people abuse the system and ruin other peoples games


I have one challenge left for the week after playing the game for the sake of playing the game. Dropping into QP or Fiesta with friends, dropping a few matches or BTB in my bucket, then running a few matches in Ranked with my pre-stack. If I have challenges that I can focus on (kills with weapons, specific objectives) I’ll make an effort to go for them because if I’m gonna get a kill anyway I’ll use the Bulldog why not?

Listen, I get that nobody likes to be wrong, but as someone who has one oddball match left to win before I cap out for the week, I can honestly say I only grinded one challenge this week and that was a single Fiesta match because I was party leader, needed to get it done, and told my stack “tough luck”. Other than that, challenges were not a priority and I got them down tertiary to the match and gameplay I focused on and because of this I have only one left.

If what you say is fact, I would be stuck grinding my challenges and throwing my team and stats off, but my win rate is staggeringly positive, my stats are amazing, and my weekly challenges are 99.99% complete. So time to adapt brother, you’re doing this to yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving, this year I’m thankful I’m not wallowing in my stubbornness as you are.

nothing you said changed what i said. you could have completed challenges faster but in the process lost matches and then freely play your favourite mode during the week with out any distractions. If i want to win matches and complete challenges, we have to play the game longer/and on modes I dont want to play when someone else is throwing games who finishes all their challenges and then can just play their favourite game mode only. Its a broken system.

The solution I offered would fix it. make challenges require wins and cut the time to complete challenges in half (or pehaps even more than half) to compensate for the matches lost while trying to complete challenges.

youre wallowing in bad game design thinking its good.

OR they could just give you per match XP, with a nice chunk of XP coming from winning.

Your way would just halt progression even further than it already is.

Awful idea. If I finally get to kill a wraith in BTB but we fail to win the game…?

true, if 50 percent of the xp came from siimply winning matches that would balance the scales. i doubt 343 would do that though because lots of people would start ignoring their monetized challenge system. Thats why I suggested the solution i did.

are challenges not meant to be a challenge? you should be more concerned that wraiths are never there to actually kill.

It’s been 2 days since the reset now that I’m making the post, and I had my ‘weekly challenges’ done in about a day and a half. I don’t know how much more efficiently I could have gotten them done my guy. Along with getting them done in record time, my skill and proficiency in game has not faltered.

Or to put it into mathematic terms: 20 challenges in 7 days, about 3 challenges a day (rounded up from 2.85) at that rate, you should be completing about 14% of the challenges per day. Having completed 19 of these ‘weekly’ challenges within a day and a half, that’s a 566% completion rate. All completed tertiary without putting a focus on grinding them out, and an emphasis on enjoying and focusing on the gameplay.

Buddy, I’m enjoying the core gameplay of this title after unintentionally slapping out the weekly challenges within a day and a half. That’s hardly bad game design or wallowing in it XD. If anything, the game could use even more challenges because I’ve got 5 days of minimal XP gains left.

Swap the challenges out if you’re having trouble with them.

Good, I love this broken system that I’m getting completed in record time without even thinking about it.

You’re creating problems for yourself, trying to influence a change in something I’ve just proven is more than possible to pull off, and doing without any sort of citation or objective reasoning to back your claims up.

If you’re not enjoying the gameplay due to being put off by the easily completed or swappable challenges, then you’re not here for the gameplay you’re here to fill some sort of OCD void.

“nothing you said changed what i said. you could have completed challenges faster but in the process lost matches and then freely play your favourite mode during the week with out any distractions. If i want to win matches and complete challenges, we have to play the game longer/and on modes I dont want to play when someone else is throwing games who finishes all their challenges and then can just play their favourite game mode only. Its a broken system.”

I didnt say the challenges cant be completed within the week while still playing to win. youre adding arguements that are irrelevent. You must be ignoring what I say.

Telling people to buy challenge swaps to get easyy challenges is not a good argument either. luckily there are some free ones but are dried up around about now.

Okie dokie artichokie

I’m not grinding the Battle Pass. After a couple of days of playing I’m Level 5 - and that’s without paying any attention.

But I do agree that the challenges shouldn’t affect the way others (ie. my team mates) play the game.

They should be;

  1. More team orientated.
  2. Specific to game type
  3. Have a bonus for the win

eg. For CTF - have one that is three flag caps in a row. Not individually - just the team.

Make all the kills / weapon challenges specific for Slayer - so you don’t have people concentrating on them over the objective.

Could you even make the challenges three sided so that it applies to all the game types? That way every game has challenges in play;

eg. Capture the flag three times in a row (CTF team challenge) OR Hold all three strongholds for 15 seconds [Stronghold team challenge] OR Get 3 multi-kill medals [Slayer individual challenge]

And I know people have been asking since we started… but the 50XP per game should be boosted for the win. eg. 75XP. Or even a sliding scale for playing more games in a day. Start with 25/50XP for game one of the day… 50/75XP for game five… and then 75/100XP for game 10+

You could even have different difficulty tiers of challenges (eg. Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Maybe even a LASO like legendary tier - for those who like that sort of thing.

They need challenges that promote teamwork. Like getting assists, wheelman medals, capturing/defending objectives, etc.