This is how original and MCC credits should be displayed

  1. Restore the original ending credits for each title. Which respects the original teams and also the tone.

  2. Have an ‘MCC Development Credits’ button on the main menu. Which opens a credits sequence in-game, not a link to elsewhere. I think this should include dev photos and messages - if they would like to do that.


I was absolutely dumbstruck the other day when I realized that I hadn’t been skipping the credits, they just WERE NOT THERE. I always loved the way the credits rolled, especially on Halo Anniversary and Halo 3. They were a huge part of the end sequence!

I went through the menus and found credits, and was once again flabbergasted by the fact that none of the original bungie credits were there.

If I used the words that I feel describe this kind of shameless theft of credit, I would be banned from the forums.


ODST’s credit roll was so good man


I AM absolutely dumbstruck… How have I never noticed this?


I wonder if there’s a chance this happened at some point in an update? I remember in particular always loving the credits of Halo 3, and the music that played there. I didn’t realize until I was listening to the soundtrack and realized I hadn’t heard the credits song in a long while.

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Hearing that amazing smooth jazz for the ODST theme play with the New Mombasa map in the background was incredible. Same with MJLONIR mix playing during Halo 2’s credits.


No, I believe they’ve always been missing in MCC.

Meh, that’s some crap.

I’m sure the gears of war (1) remaster had an option to see the credits for both the original version of the game and the remaster. I think they should look at how this game did it.