This is how EXP progression should be

How EXP should be earned and the amounts:

  • Winning(1st in FFA or on the winning team)=1exp
  • Draw=0xp
  • Losing=0xp
  • Scoring=1exp
  • Podium Finish(Top 3 Player of the match) even if you were on the losing team=1exp
  • Completing entire Legendary Campaign(not for a per level completion as it’ll turn into cheesing)=10exp?

Punitive/Management Measures:

  • Quitting should result in a deducted exp point unless quitting after half the team has quit.
  • SBMM needs to be improved or removed I am sick and tired of having constant non entities against a team of good to great players(not talking about a party playing together as that is frustrating but fair). Doing this will reduce the likelihood of players wanting to quit and balance gameplay.
  • Perpetual trolls, cheaters and AFKers should be permanently banned on the hardware/network level so they can’t make dumby accounts.
  • Able to choose desired playlists and then search matchmaking for any of those playlists compatible with the party size.
  • Lots of ranks.
  • Detailed Spartan Player Cards that show statistics like EXP earned in FFA and EXP earned through team modes. Number of quits. Get really in depth.

Fun, fair, engaging and more meaningful. And it makes Double EXP more manageable which I think should happen every weekend and public holiday.

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Make XP (and weekly rewards) score based.

That way it is all about playing the game.

And then add multipliers;

  • for winning
  • completing the game
  • coming back daily
  • the first game is a game mode for the day
  • playing events