This is high gear promotion?

We’ve gotten one teaser trailer and a couple blog posts with some scraps of info…

We will have a lot more to share about the Season 2 maps, modes, customization options, and narrative content in April, as our marketing and promotional campaign kicks into high gear.


They should release flights asap for us to test imo, but tbh this is a pointless post. Everyone knows 343 has issues pushing content out and everyone knows that their flowery writing really mean little in the grand scheme of things. We don’t need a low effort post to tell us that.

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Ok? And your point is?

Releasing flights before seasons would be great

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My point is to not post this kind of low hanging fruit sort of topics just to incite negativity. Spend your energy elsewhere and just wait. There’s plenty of rioting to be done once Season 2 comes out, for whatever reason.

Season 2 is 3 weeks out. Since gamers have a pretty short attention span I would count on more substantial info to come next week and the following.

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