This is Halo

We can all agree that Halo is a great game with an amazing expansive universe. It ties epic shooter action sci-fi concepts and story into games books etc. The universe itself is awesome, but i think the game should have more variety. Like adding everything into the games, like all the Assault rifle types, mix covenant armor from all games and more modes. (bring back firefight)

With the Xbox one i hope the game can connect the Halo universe more, like the kilo-five books by Karen Traviss. insurrectionist were mixing populations with covie species and stuff. That could branch into new energy weapon variations or even a new enemy faction for the game. Maybe since Master chief is the hero of the story he takes on bigger problems like the flood or forerunners. But with spartan ops the stories of the halo universe can evolve into greater things like the new Spartan IV’s discovering some flood in some system, or going on some mission to aid the Arbiter against some rebelling elites. I just want the story to go farther with everything. Some Questions for the future of halo: ( what happened to the flood?- where is the old covenant- are the precursors coming back?- why are grunts so stupid?)

OMG this is halo the storm covenant is not the old covenant. come on some covie units should wear armor from older conflicts not have all of the wearing the same stuff. like mix reach with halo 4 and it would look good. For Halo 4 i expected more from the forerunner enemies. the forerunners were extremely advanced yet their weapons were basic. yes its a game they cant be too op but at least add more stuff for them. one thing about halo that i dont like is how for example brutes in every halo game change… their faces their fur their armor. a good idea is to mix each brute frome all the games so they dont look lame through out the game. ( really they ALL have the same wrinkles). Add more variety basically is what im saying like the halo 4 prologe brute chieftan with some halo 2 and reach brutes.
Unit rants: (bring more intelligent a.i, marine y u jump in front of speeding ghost, elite y u no stop letting me kill you)

other things need to put into the game like reach style armor attatchments upgrades. plus bring all armor from every game people would like that. more personilzed armor and weapons. all weapons from every game (needle rifle, brute shot and concussion rifle) skirmishers, drones engineers, storm jackals and bird looking jackals. marines need more variety. every weapon from the halo universe should be in the game. seriously. more vehicles bigger maps more air vehicles like the hornet and the falcon in one game… yush. more taank variety. the flame thrower and missle pod where are you? and why did halo 4 have sentinals but no sentinal beams,? f logic. and the focus rifle just got tossed or something why? it was very good. a flood survival mode sounds good along with firefight and spartan ops

Alll in All
the new games better keep everything mix everything expand in story and most of all Stay Epic

i apologize for the lack of comas sorry