This is getting worse, rapidly. We need to talk

What’s going on?

Half my matches have quitters.

Desync is literally getting worse as time goes on - frakking somehow?

We still don’t have forge.

Custom games are still BROKEN.

What is going on, folks? Why is this game in SUCH a poor state? We’re getting drop pods now - awesome - and they’re breaking things further and further. What’s happening?


My theory?

In an effort to make the “Slipspace Engine” worthy of a new name, they probably redesigned too much of the Blam! Engine and broke something important by doing so.

I mean, seriously, it hasn’t been this bad since Halo 2; but that was also due to an engine upgrade that was even admitted by Bungie devs to be held together by duct tape.
And on top of that, Halo 2 was WAAAAAAY back in the early era of online console gaming; so it had the excuse of being a new frontier. This is 17 years later, now nearly 18 years later.

Honestly, if they were going to redo the Engine; could they not have some guys who actually built the thing be contracted to come back?
343 already relies entirely on Certain Affinity, which itself was founded and still maintained by ex Bungie Devs. Certainly one of them was useful at building the Blam! Engine way back in Halo 2’s development?


No cap, the only reason the match has quitters is because of instability or very bad ping.
Majority of the matches I load into have 150 ms and I’m also getting jitter matches where my ping spikes to 6000~

You tell me why I’d rather quit.

The sad fact is that, they didn’t bother to have server selection when the game actually had a population, so the different servers would have a stable population for matchmaking. But noooo you gotta let it run till now where we have only approximately 50k players left playing the game and if we have server selection now, we’re essentially screwed because there will be population imbalance. And ontop of that, people still want Crossplay disabled. Oh god, you can’t make this up.



The more the game is updated, the more problems there are.
Desynchronization makes the game completely unplayable and absolutely not fun.
Also, halo infinite is polluted with cheaters.
And 343 do nothing at all to improve this situation.
It’s just a shame :angry:


I just played a few matches and wow, it’s so much worse, 2 games I lost all sound apart from my gun firing, de-sync a whole lot worse than it was before, most matches were pretty unplayable…

I agree that every time bugs get fixed, more appear, and seems to be more game breaking one’s breeding, should it now be called de de de sync :rofl:


Did also notice more desync issues since the june update. Monday i had a match where i was connected to a very distant server. Not joking, 260 ms ping in a ranked match. Beyond unplayable, i didnt quit. I was too curious to experience how 260 ms affect the gameplay.
Next time i get a 200+ ms ping i just quit the match.


My guess is that 343 has way too much on their plate and they attempted to cut too many corners to get by, but it has back fired on them. This beta shouldn’t be lacking as bad as it actually is, but I think I know what the actual problem is, but it’s not just one single thing, it’s many.

1, A rebuilt engine that has a lot of issues.
2, Training new employees how to use that engine
3, Not anywhere near enough full-time employees
4, Rebooting the game
5, Change leads, etc…

The list is huge of problems within the company.

So if we actually look at 343 that is struggling at this point, if they can’t get themselves organized, how can anyone expect the beta to be???


What I am seeing a lot more, are players on my team hiding, trying not to get slaughtered. For many people hit detection has been a real problem, but as of late, I am up against players that seem to be immune to gunfire, and melees, l might as well be shooting blanks, I spending so much time running away from gun fights, Only this Game!

When I look at the final tally I can see all the players that quit, and I will be honest I don’t blame them anymore, this is supposed to be a fun game, but it’s too broken to be fun. With this game “getting good” it makes no difference if there is no hit detection.

Can I say though, that more people need to use mics, some games can feel hopeless and impossible to win, but with no one communicating it makes it much worse, with no one communicating, we are not really part of a team, and there is a smaller chance of success. But still, desync and no-hit detection strip away any amount of fun this game could offer.

Also when I play a match and I’m on a team and we work well together, I want to be able to stay with those players into the next match, they may not wish to hang around, but the option would be nice. It would also be good to have a feature where we had a chance for a rematch with the team we just played, so many times the match is close, a rematch option would be nice.

It’s good to be nice. This game feels too disconnected and lonely.
Another game I play … (try not to make comparisons) has a social space, no mics, but you can text someone to join a fire team, people looking for players to do strikes and missions, it is better than nothing,

And speaking of good features, when doing strikes or playing multiplayer I can stay with the same group as long as we wish to play together, it’s simple. I am dumb-founded why it’s not in this game, it is one of those things that are obvious to me.


You have quitters because weekly challenges have reset and people want to complete them


I hate challenges! Augh!


Tbh I pretty much hate everything about this game at the mo


Why are you still playing? The game has been in a broken state since November 2021.

Do yourself a favour and stop platying it. It’s what I did.


Because the game should have been delayed by at LEAST another full year but big daddy Microsoft wanted their Halo cash cow out NOW so 343 is left dealing with a lot of technical debt.

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Was…was that a Carlos Mencia reference? If so, well done!


It feels like MS doesnt care much about the Xbox any more, all their AAA titles coming to PC. Thats why you get bad games for consoles. If this game was an exclusive AAA title for next gen it would have been so much better. But making it work for both console generations and PC was probably a nightmare to code

The dsync will never get fixed and now there are so few players left, the region lock will only damage the experience even more.

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Nah, that’s just making their games available to a broader audience. (In a good way)


Desync will keep getting worse as time goes on unless they fix it since according to the devs its affected by ping and server latency and the population is getting thinner every day

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Bro, I feel this on such a deep level. I had PlayStation before Original Xbox came out but since then I’ve been on Xbox’s side and at this point in time, I feel like Xbox only cares about Game Pass. The saddest part is I’ve been enjoying my PS4/PS5 ten times more than my Xbox One X/Xbox Series X lol PS5 has faster wifi, better story telling, more exploration and much more passion put into their games. Xbox is a cold calculated machine that processes numbers and tries to turn it into money.

I’ve been doing some soul searching here lately, and I think I need to reconcile with my PlayStation more. Xbox and PlayStation are about to swap roles in my eyes, in previous years, I would use my PS4 purely to play the Sony exclusives, now I think I’ll be using my Xbox only for the Bethesda exclusives and I’ll be primarily gaming on a PlayStation from here on out. Sony just understands gaming and story telling, all Microsoft cares about is selling microtransactions and Game Pass subscriptions.

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  • Badly designed and managed multiplayer architecture
  • Lack of freedom to play whatever gamemode you want
  • Progression is tied to said lack of freedom, so people leave slayer matches if they need oddball games
  • Excessive focus on the item store and its predatory monetisation system
  • 343 Don’t care about fans and people who actually give a damn about this franchise

That should sum up why the majority of players leave matches and why the game is in this terrible state. They won’t fix anything, and don’t intend on producing a playable and, more importantly, enjoyable product. People just need to drop this game en-masse, so that 343 realise we aren’t happy. Once the game is in serious threat of dying they might just step up to the plate and do something. Or they let the franchise die, which at this point doesn’t seem like a half bad idea to me. The series is being posthumously milked for all the nostalgia its worth, and it’s doing the rest of the games a disservice honestly.


Lag isn’t the only problem. You forgot about the challenge system and the lack of gametype-specific playlists. That’s why I quit as often as I do

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