This is getting out of hand.

My friends and I were in the pre-game lobby when another player began spouting insults for no apparent reason. This being a usual thing, we obliged him and his teammates with some of our own out of fun. Immediately following our little rant came threats of booting us from the game. Not taking them seriously we began our usual route of Boardwalk, when one of our team left the game unexpectedly. After a few moments another one of our comrades were booted as well.

Now, with that, I have two questions.

First of all: WHY? This has gone on since Halo 2 as far as I know, and yet no one can stop it?

Second: Is there any way that I can report the player for this other than the usual “File Complaint”? There has to be a way to let someone know what this player is doing other than the usual song and dance that people use on a daily basis. I mean he even admitted to what he was doing before the crime, itself, was even committed.

He said after his little trick that he was teaching us a lesson in trash talking over Xbox Live. I don’t understand why some people can’t just grow up and play a game. If he reads this, all I can say is learn to not get your feelings hurt from people you don’t even know, and get better at a game instead of cheating to get ahead.

Thank you all for your time.

I basically just need to know if there is a way to report someone other than the usual.

(For those that don’t like long posts. Sorry XD)

wait back up a second, booted in a custom game, OR a matchmakeing game?

Report them to Xbox Live. Sounds like they’re using a lag switch to lag out the other players (might have that part wrong) but I’ve heard of some methods that only complete tools use to boot other players. It’s what happens when you’re 5 years old and can’t stand to lose.

This was a matchmaking game. From what I’ve read after doing a little research is that the act, itself, is called “IP Flooding”. At least that is what it’s referred to on the internet.

I’ve reported them on Xbox Live, itself, but is there any way to do so. External to the Xbox, I mean.

you could try contacting microsoft directly to report them. IP flooding, hacking, lag switches modding are all against xbox live codes

It seams the more that are reported Microsoft and 343 would do somethig about it but they don’t want to loose the money they get or they just do not seam to care about it. I ran into two today and reported them and they ( the reported ) sent me a message that I was a little baby about it . I don’t know how they knew it was me or they just sent the message to everyone they played sofar today. If they have to cheat to win then they are the total loosers.