this is Forge 2.5

what we NEED in the TU or in the future!

this is…Forge 2.5

asking for WAY to much.
Guys, 343 are game developers. Not gods. Can you imagine the amount of disc space this would take up? And you can say 2 discs, but i am NOT playing more then 60 bucks for ANY video game. thats rediculus enough as it is.

well im just posting it here, cause somebody asked me 2. i think that its nice but sadly impossible.

I agree with a few things like a NMPD or equivelant Falcon… I was really sad when I found out bungie cut useable NMPD vehicles from ODST. Other things just no… And we already have ONI xboxs is reach as like mini easter eggs, to my belief there is at least one on every map. But as I said before I agree with a few things :wink: