This is extremely messed up...plz READ 343

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this ranking system is so Fokdd that i have no words for it, i get banned on my main account from laggin out so i make a new one for the mean time, i win 8 of my 10 placement matches, going in solo carrying my team on my back, end up with a 10+ kda overall and i get a -Yoink- platinum? But on my main i got to diamond 5 and lost like 4 games? Seriously? This ranking system sucks, they need to change it and also get rid of this division crap, its un skilledful, i see people in my onyx division getting destroyed all the time, champions that shouldnt be champs but are because they placed quickly into matchmaking and dont lose it bc they are always playing. Below is a screenshot taken with my phone

yea, i did about the same in breakout when i first placed and landed where you are. This ranking system is random and needs to take into account at least some personal score. Sorry mate.