This is beyond a joke

HW2 is fast approaching the point where it should be considered officially unplayable, Which is an absolute joke considering all it would take is a small team to fix it

6 out of 10 games played today either resulted in a black screen upon loading into a match, players failing to load into a match or players being kicked in the match due to how frequently the game crashes

You are still actively promoting the game through game pass, selling the game and its DLCs and yet its still broken many years after when these issues arrived

Im just curious what excuses your dev team will come up with this time as to why it hasnt been touched


Welcome to the modern gaming industry, where AAA publishers release games broken with the promise it will eventually be patched but then ditching the support after 1-2 years because they cant get an income from it, despite consumers paying for the product they expect to work as intended. I’m not even sure why this is still legal


Let’s spin the excuse wheel! What response will we land on this time? Crypto, the war in Ukraine, pandemic? Making games is hard, the fans are too demanding, the franchise needs to expand? How about racism, bigotry and toxicity? Anything but expecting company devs to put in hard work.


Servers. Cost. Money.

Has there been ANY fix for the black screenb in matches? It feels like i get to play 1/10 against AI, even less against other opponents. It was literally one of 3 games i brought gamepass for

not yet, it is unsure if it will ever be fixed

What is clear is that they are incapable.
HALO Infinite was released on top of many issues,
Many users are not satisfied and the number of users has decreased despite the free game, and it will probably be the lowest playing population in the history of the HALO main series three months after its release.

There seem to be many problems, but I feel that poor management is causing the quality of the game to deteriorate.
HW2 also had a problem from the beginning …
Poor management is a drawback of Phil Spencer.

HALO has been on the road to death since the development of 343.
Infinite, which was hopeful, turned into disappointment
Human resources who can make the next HALO continue to flow out.

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It amazes me how it’s still being sold, after too many crashes on series s when playing demo, I never bothered getting it, which is such a shame, I really wish they would of given it some tlc

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You guys are experiencing crashes?
I only had that issue after a certain update and it went away with a quick fix.

What do you think the gold sub is for? You’re honestly telling me you think MS can’t pay for the servers or can’t price their services accordingly?