this is beyond a joke

Everytime I play a arena or WZ match it keeps bringing me back to the main menu and saying left fireteam, your fireteam has changed returning to the main menu. In mid game and while searching. And even in co op campaign. And forge probably custom games too.
I need a solution asap

try power cycling your modem box? mine will -Yoink!- out kinda like that as well from time to time, and that usually seems to fix it? it hasn’t got that bad though for me. also maybe try power cycling your system?

What is power cycling?

for the modem, just unplug it for half a minute. then plug it back in. the power cord i mean.

for the system, press and hold the power button until it beeps. once its off just turn it on. not it will take about a minute to turn back on, but thats just the normal poewr up mode if you dont have it to rest mode.

I just tried hard reseting the xbox 1 I’m hoping that works
I’ll post back if it still happening

I’ve been having a lot of drop out issues since the memories of reach update. I have been playing almost entirely infection and thought it might be game mode specific. I drop out of 1/3 - 1/4 games with no lag issues whatsoever

Hard reseting worked thickestmoney93 try hard resetting your xbox 1 it worked for me