This is a letter to the so called 343i

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i think this game is fun but it gets boring soooo freaking fast and the maps are ok its just the same damn maps get voted every single TIME!!(BTB)-Rag-Exile) and for the infinite slayer which i wish they had way more maps fir and took out complex cuz that map is retarted!! But anyway(Haven-Complex) all the freaking time!!! 343 seriously u need to fix halo 4. U could make it sooo much better than it is honestly. To be honest it kinda feels like multiplayer is a beta no offense. The playlists are bad like really why do you guys do rotating gametypes thats stupid! K i put in halo 3 today and counted up how many playlists it had and it had about 15 and there all organized and no all one list and there were fun game types. Like whats going through all your guyses heads? Cant you hear all of us complaing about this game are you deaf?? Cuz i dont see nothing changing and whats taking so long for team doubles? Grifball?and why did u take out team snipers honestly leave the game types in it would make the game more fun. Another thing you should fix majorly is the boltshot i get dumbed by that gun about 5 times a game k. The DMR i hate playing BTB because of this gun i really do it pisses me off cuz u just get raped on the map because everyone is shooting me across the map!!! Another take out join in session its probably one of the dumbest things in halo 4 because everytime!! I join in on a game i get destroyed because the other team has map control and power weapons!! Another thing please take out int respawn because thats another retarted thing in the game cuz i get kills so much because of stupid people respawning because im one shot cuz i out br them its STUPID!!! This is the most wanted things in halo 4- RANKS!!! Im sorr but your behind the sense inv rank system is Yoink!!! I want a visual rank as well WE ALL DO!!! It makes it more competive and more fun and wanting to get good at the freaking game!!! Make it like halo 3 or something where u had a number on the right or something cuz im SICK AND TIRED OF THESE BAD KID NOOBS ON MY TEAM!!! I sooooo many loses in this game and hardley any wins but my K/D ration is amazing compared to everyone else i play against/with but i still lose because i have a terrible team!!! Look at the file browser -Yoink- seriously 343 is that the best you can do its completly broken we want to play customs oh but wait your customs and forge SUCK!! Its not really personal maps we create anymore because u have all thse damn rules and setting that there is no need to HAVE!!! Another freakin thing!!! I hate how you guys put in the plasma pistol and the plasma grenades in the freakin loadouts!!! Its stupid its another reason why i hate your game!!! At least make it so the plasma pistol is like a 2 second emp on the veh cuz thats annoying and the plasma grenades need to be brought down in BTB or make the veh alot stronger than they are!!! I really miss going around the maps and picking up random guys and all that idk why you guys put in classes its not halo at all :frowning: and you guys really need to fix the ordance system cuz that is broken! I get no good guys in that thing. And make it so if u get your first ord you get bad guys like needler and speed boost and grenades than if they get it more and more timed make it so there better guns for those better players… another thing halo i remembered it used to be more of a team based game now halo 4 feels like everyone is soloing ughhh it makes me mad!!! 343 what have you done…Seriously i really thought this game was gonna be “The Game” and i thought u guys would make this game amazing since you guys are all crazy about halo or once was and now change it to be stupid and make everything so different dont get me wrong i love this game but its all these little things that make it RETARTED and not FUNN!!! So Please 343 FIX halo!!! I know u can do it Please!!! Or your gonna lose a lot of your fans and not want people to buy your next halo 5 game cuz they know what happened to halo 4 so that means you guys wont make lots of money. Please fix it… there is ssoooooooooooooo much more to be fixed just look around 343 there are sooo many people ranting and complaining about your game how does that make you feel?? Really does it make you feel that your not listening to all these halo fans because i dont see any changes happening and i dont see what everyone wants 343 you really have to get everyone working on this game because its going to die in the next little while and there will be some people not a whole bunch playing your stupid broken game that we all wanna play already and have fun with it!!! And you know another thing that i dont get YOU guys took 3-1/3 years!!! 3-1/2 YEARSSSSS!!! Thats crazy and the thing is it took you 3 years to make a crappy game??? Wow i wonder how our other future halo games are gonna be since u guys are taking so long to make a broken unfixed game!!!

Holy wall of text.

I know im just really upset i just wanted to poor out everything to this damn company. Please read and like or something so they would read this

> Holy wall of text.

Not only that but the OP has made 2 threads about same rant.

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I understand your rage. I feel like no one from 343 actively talks to the community and addresses us. That’s what even furthers my rage. What’s worse is that the game could be improved really quickly with just a few changes. But we have to wait until’ end of february for this magical title update, that no one knows what it’s about. The reason people are so pissed off is that there is no information on this title update and no one is talking to the fans. Bungie would address the fans all of the time.

343 you made a good game. But it’s time to put someone else in charge of your matchmaking. Put a true Halo fan in charge. He would cater to all our needs and made us happy. Whoever is your PR rep is -Yoink-. I feel like you guys just don’t care, TALK TO US, GIVE US INFO! We have been fans longer than you have been making this game.

My brain hurts

Ya sorry man was just upset while writting this i was thinking about putting paragraphs and i had alot on my mind ill remember for next time thanks.

Well first off there are a lot of typos and unnecessary punctuations. You need more spacing and structure if you even want to be taken seriously. It comes off as exactly what you said it is, a rant. Anyway, it isn’t going to matter. This game is far beyond fixing. You want a perfect Halo? Should’ve played Halo 3.