This is a joke lmao

7 bucks for one helmet
do you have a humilation -Yoink!- 343?


Path of Exile, a Diablo clone in which you pretty much never see your armor because you’re a tiny model at the center of the screen, sells individual helmets anywhere between $10 and $26.

So I honestly don’t care about a $7 helmet.

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just cause another game does it doesnt mean this is okay


$26 helmet? Can you imagine purchasing that? What does this helmet do?

I’m curious.


You’re kinda right. Me pointing to another game doesn’t make it okay.

However it quite literally is okay because it’s a helmet that has no impact on gameplay and adds literally nothing to the gameplay experience.

Absolutely not, and I love Path of Exile. Dropping $26 on a helmet? No way in hell.

Edit: I missed this question -

Literally nothing. It’s a skin swap.

so youre one of those, okay


I want you to tell me what a morally acceptable cost for a helmet is and your justification for why that cost is morally justified.

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And you wonder why people get pissed? With the state this game’s in, people aren’t gonna put up with that nonsense.

They see it as misplaced focus. Halo’s content is dry and they wanna overcharge us.

But… players aren’t pissed about Path of Exile’s cosmetics. I can’t remember anyone ever complaining about their cosmetic shop even though it’s waaaaaaaay more expensive than Halo Infinite.

If that is $7 it means other parts of the bundle will be cheaper which is good because I’ve not really seen a single helmet I want. Maybe at a push the Soldier one because it makes me think of Megatron.

So far I’ve spent a bit of money in the shop. I can’t imagine I’ll buy much more for a little while now. I’ll get the next battle pass. Maybe the odd thing if it is really nice although I quite like my current Yoroi and Mark VII setup.

Oh, sorry. I was drawing a connection to Diablo’s shop and Halo’s.

My point is, shops like this in a barebones game is a bad look.

Prices may be cheaper than the ones in other games, but this fanbase would be off playing those other games if that was solely the issue.

Their issue is, the store seems to have taken top priority over content.

Content first, store later.

i came here to read a joke, not a complaint. :face_with_monocle:

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This is a fair criticism. I’ve said many times before that there’s not enough stuff to earn in Halo Infinite. There aren’t enough activities to keep multiplayer fresh (need some kind of alt leveling/challenge system to work toward something now that I’ve maxed out the Battle Pass). And I think the map selection should’ve included a tad bit more variety at launch.

That said, I’m at least enjoying the events, which give me a reason to come back. And it seems they’re responding to feedback. So I’m hopeful that the next few months will bring a beefier content drop.

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i dunno what youre talkin about with all this morality crap but if i gotta explain why 7 bucks for one helmet is bullcrap then the problems with you

so what? this aint path of exlie

You said it wasn’t okay, which means 343 is doing something wrong, which means their pricing is immoral.

It’s quite literally the opposite. You’re the one with the problem about the helmet. So I asked what price point is an acceptable one, and why is that price point acceptable?

I know reading is hard, but if you look at the conversation I was having with someone else, you’ll notice we were talking about a helmet in path of exile.

yeah and if you dont get that youre stupid, i dunno what to tell you dude

im pretty sure the “people” he was talkin about was the halo community

regardless you still use path of exile, whatever that is as an example for halo, so it still counts anyway
also why the hell cant i edit posts

You’ve got an awesome opportunity to prove I’m stupid by answering my question: What is an acceptable price point for the helmet, and why is that price point acceptable?

If I’m so stupid this should be a slam dunk for you.

The comments are all still there. You can just… scroll up and read our exchange.

i dunno like 3 bucks?

common sense

back at you

Weird. Because common sense to me is $7.

See how dumb that sounds?