this hero needs a clan

As my topic says, I’m looking for a clan or a group of guys to play with. My kill to death ratio is 1.77 I am the rank of hero the highest I’ve ever been rated in the arena is gold. Msg me here or online I’m on during the morning. And sometimes the afternoon

The Brothers At War are looking to expand into Halo Reach and looking for dedicated members to fill our ranks.

K/D really isn’t an important part of our recruitment process, but having a good 1 does come in handy.

We are a military structured community, you can see more information on our structure here

We host custom game nights, raid nights, Arena Fight Nights, Mandatory Practice Nights, Matches, and tournaments.

Any skill level and rank is welcomed to apply.

For more information or to join the Brothers At War visit our official website

UNSC Sector 01 “Da Helljumpers” is looking for real mercy-less murder machines, troopers who know how tu use a weapon, who love to kill and troopers who dont understand the term “surrender”. In this Sector Everyone fights. No one quits. You will respect your superiors and they will respect you. To be a Helljumper you must earn your spot and your rank. We are the UNSC.

My Gamertag is ChillyBruce 24, I will message you soon

Tactical Carnage Wants You!

We are currently recruiting both casual and competitive gamers for our community, all skill levels are welcome. If you PLAY TO WIN, you’re welcome to start a competitive squad or tryout for an existing one! Our mission has and always will be to provide an excellent and stable gaming environment for members of the community to enjoy and benefit from.

We are currently looking to fill leadership positions for our BF3 & Halo divisions! Must be 18+ years old, contact me if interested in more information.

Supported Games:
Modern Warfare 3
Battlefield 3
Gears of War 3
Armored Core V

What we can offer you:
+High quality website & forum
+Competitive teams ----Tryouts only.
+Our own social networking site! (
+Community for 15+ games over 3 platforms
+Leadership opportunities
+Product/Game reviews
+Youtube channel
+Graphics Team

+At least 13 years of age (18+ to join staff)
+Team Players
+Working Headset/Mic
+Willingness to maintain activity in the community

If you’re interested in our community visit us at Register on our forums and head to “Application Center” and then “Membership” to post an application. The process takes no more than five minutes and we have one of the most appealing application processes a community can have which drastically decreases the time required for applications. Simply click “New Topic” and the application format is already waiting for you in the body area! Cool huh?

-Miss V

Check us out:



And we have a Grifball team too. GGl is wrapping up their winter league, when they open the summer league up for sign ups we’ll be entering it.


I’m still looking for a clan.

The Dropshock Brigade would be more than happy to have you. Register an account and enlist with us. You won’t find a more mature, professional, friendly, and active clan anywhere else.