This Hatrd needs to stop

If you’re charging 20$ for the color white on one armor in the store, you open yourself to criticism, even if you slapped the fake ‘Beta’ tag on your game. We all know nothing will change in 2 days, with the ‘official launch’.

Melee hits don’t work half the time. Grenades don’t work half the time. Reloading doesn’t work half the time. There are no basic playlists. It isn’t rocket surgery. Anyone who thinks about it for 3 seconds could have told you the outcome of a release in this state.


I am sorry but after all those years the company has repeated the same mistakes so often i think they pretty much expected to be criticised.


Hate, yes, that needs to stop. Toxic behaviour gets us nowhere
Negativity, this is actually something you get for no reason.

i343 has since pre-Halo 4 times been gathering all manner of things they’ve done which has made many take double or triple takes at what they’re seeing and hearing.

They didn’t want players who had played for a long amount of time have some advantage over newer players. That’s the ordnance part randomizing weapon spawn timers and locations.
On the other hand, the longer you had played the more gameplay quirks you unlocked to spawn with in each match.

First Halo 4 DLC PR fiasko.


They split the MP from campaign making it F2P, offer a manner of solutions for sale with issues you may run into with progress pacing and/or challenges, a system they created.

It’s pretty common knowledge that F2P games rely on so called “whales”, which is a small minority of the overall game population, to make profit.

Have you seen some of these big spenders get to know how much they spend on some games? Their surprise?

But please, pull a “no u”, and let’s pretend that, what, it’s not the case? Think it was 15% of a player base stood for 95% of a game’s revenue.

No one is arguing that. But if that’s the case:
-Monthly subscription for the game
-Each match cost a token, which can be purchased for 5 cents.
That’s making money somehow.

[quote=“Naqser, post:23, topic:36848”]
-Each match cost a token, which can be purchased for 5 cents.
[/quote] that would really kill gameplay and then if you limit people to only say 10 free tokens per day… yeah that would reaallly kill the game fast.

“They need to make money somehow”
“It’s how it used to work in arcade machines”

And yes, it would kill the game, pretty certain it already killed a Battle Royal game.

Suggestions I made were to show what can be done with the phrase “they need to make money somehow”. It doesn’t take into account how it’s done. Just that it happening.

The vitriol is well warranted with the stance that 343 doesn’t owe us anything. It’s further enhanced by the fact that they’ve dropped 3 horrifically bad games in this franchise already. Vitriol is fine.

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just saying that would be the worst idea ever.

I agree with this. I would also like to point out that some people are only playing ranked because there was a challenge (at least for me) that required I played 4 matches of it. Granted I still tried, but as my former teammate also let me know, my aim sucks or at least it does with the BR. (As clarification, I already knew my BR aim sucked, it just didn’t matter until a teammate was toxic and pointed it out after the match.) If I would have had or found a sidekick pistol I would have been more helpful in the match.

No, the vitriol isn’t well warranted.

Constructive feedback is useful and harsh toned statements give off the general sentiment of the community en masse, but attacking a community manager does nothing.

Be mad at 343 Industries, they do deserve it for many of these decisions. Write an angry letter and put it under your pillow. Join the chorus of voices shouting for change. But leave hate and malice out of it.


They really don’t NEED to make money somehow, they already made more than enough and will make even more via the campaign sales. Take the following into consideration:

  1. Developers make excessive amounts of money going free to play. An article by techcrunch provided insight into this and Free-to-play games have dominated the industry with over $88 billion in profits.

  2. Nearly the entire playerbase has bought the battle pass either at base price $10 or at bundle cost $50 or even more.

  3. Halo fans WILL buy the campaign which is $60

This means that the majority of the playerbase will have spent anywhere from $70 to $120+ for both the Campaign and battle pass. This by itself without even talking about shop prices are far more than enough money that they’ve made.

What some players seem to not realize is that this is a bad deal and players are getting royally shafted by this setup.

For $70-$120 bucks we are getting a fraction of what ALL previous installments had:

  1. No forge
  2. No co-op
  3. No dedicated playlists
  4. Limited legacy game modes with some being locked behind events
  5. No linear progression
  6. No performance based progression

Players have long argued against Battlepasses, MTX, Free to play because these elements are associated with incomplete, rushed games with severe lack of features. People are sick and tired of spending more for less only to be told (they need to make money somehow).

Fact of the matter is Monetization is ruining the quality of games and the negative response the devs get are a direct result of the industry narrative they’ve built around monetization.


They shouldn’t do them in ranked… rank should be the only mode to really focus on the objective and winning the game out of all the other playlists.

What I have to say about everything at this moment.

I’m fine with a game that has micro transactions… Many people are, I’m actually even fine with it be old classic armor from previous Halo’s. I believe that they should have new armor and old in the store but not priced so high.

There are games that have proven the battlepass system works. All we needed to do is play the game get free armor coatings, armor, attachments, components, and banners, 2XP. Challenger swaps should be reward after playing five games.
Give out free in game credit, paying for free and paying battlepass users. Obviously battlepass users get more because they pay for it. You could even do events that give out credits or weekly challenges.
Make the armor store packs worth buying as bundles not a armor color and visor for $15. That’s the most outrageous part.

All the original emblems should be free, all armor coatings should be able to be used on every armor core.
The reward system needs reworked which they said they will….

But even then we still fall under the expensive store. Max for an armor bundle should be 2000 credits. Max for armor coating bundle which includes coating for weapons, armor, vehicles is 1200 credits. Now for purchasing credits. 1,000 credits $8, 1,500 credits $10, 2,500 credits should be $20 and you guys get the picture. Every credit purchase should leave me with more credits after purchasing a coating set or bundle. And maybe they won’t have to do this if they give out free credits or weekly credits for all the weekly challenges.
They can sell smaller armor bundles/cosmetics for 500-800 credits. As a business stand point only offer 1,000 credits as the lowest because in a free battlepass you can get 200-500 credits. In a paid battlepass you can get 1,000. I don’t want to keeping buying each battlepass unless I chose to spend my money I made on cosmetics. Each battlepass cost 1,200 credits it’s simple to create a good micro transactions system. That will work and for people to like, now not everyone because some people think everything should be handed down by playing but let’s be honest they don’t make money and that’s pretty naive. We need to realize this and work with them if they work with us…

Although I can’t stress, armor coatings need to be universal. Visors, and emblems should be as well.

Need events! I’m fine with events being challenge based on particular game mode. But give me a separate challenge category. I’m personally fine with the fact I didn’t complete enough of the challenges last week so when it comes back and I can finally finish it I won’t be able too get 100%. I think that’s how all events have always been in every game and sorry if you missed out. Maybe later in the year re-release it for people and complete the last two challenges I needed.
We need at least a new event every two months.
I like weekly challenge rewards but shouldn’t have to pay for challenge swaps. They’ve already worked well on the challenge system and personally I agree with their XP system. The only thing that will make it more like able is having set map game mode choosing in social playlist (Quick Play, BTB, and future separate genres). Halo 3 did this perfect. Our thought process in choosing should be; Maybe it wasn’t the map you wanted but at least people got the gamemode they wanted or people got the map but not the gamemode.
Maybe I just need kills on this map or maybe I need a kill with a specific weapon which is on this map. Have everyone’s set weekly challenges the same and if they want to swap one out they can just for themselves. They get free swaps every five games they play and even more through paid battlepass.

I like the idea of having SWAT and FFA back but I would like game modes within them personally. I get bored of slayer but sometimes I don’t prefer certain maps/game modes like anyone else. I think it would be cool if Swat had Oddball, Strongholds and more. Personally I don’t like strongholds, but it’s an idea and I know most people might not like that. I feel the same with fiesta allowing swat and fiesta be a playlist rather then a mode brings more fun and chaos. Especially in FFA, obviously strongholds wouldn’t work but having king of the hill back and honestly it would work in every playlist.
What makes it better is people get to choose out of three maps with set game modes. Eventually you’ll see what people vote for more and you can increase the chances to choose from those game modes then others.
I do think Rank shouldn’t have a choice in map and game mode.

We should have a party playlist, which we can choose to play infection, griftball, and personally I think fiesta fits under this umbrella. 343 can release random fun event game modes in the future or built forge maps after forge is out.

I like how in quick play you have one team defending and one attacking on a specific capture the flag map, I think bring griftball back which brings back delivering a bomb would also work well on a map like that. I like the idea of one team defending and the other attacking. Gives me search and destroy vibes which in my opinion is the only good COD game mode at least it was when I use to play COD.

I love halo and I will support both sides as I can see reason for both.
343 has a lot on their plate but I do trust them and hope they listen. I don’t agree with the post he made, I actually 60% disliked it and the other 40% understood.
We also need to give credit where credit is due as well, with all Covid restrictions and them listening they are trying to make our game come true without losing site of how they want the game done.
The feel of the game is amazing, I don’t experience the known bugs almost never, the servers feel amazing only had one laggy server and the game crashed twice on me. The graphics are beautiful, the detail is beautiful, I believe for the most part when it comes to weapons this is the most balanced they’ve ever been. Now I still have opinions on buffing and nerfing but no matter what we will all have opinions.

I love this community, I love everyone’s opinion, and I love Halo. There’s no need to be a**es or pricks, and even when the community comes off so toxic it’s mostly or passion for the game talking. Now that might not include everyone lol.
I hope you all enjoy this, thanks for reading.

I apologize for grammatical errors, I typed as I thought and didn’t go back and read it again.

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That’s where you and I have philosophical differences in life. Someone does something bad 1 or 2 times, yeah not really worth getting too upset over. They do it 3 times, it’s absolute insanity on their part and they deserve harsh criticism. Doing it 4 times now, yeah they deserve each and every comment they receive. They e brought this out of the fan base worth repeated horrific game launches and responses to their customers and fans. Every single comment that has any modicum of vitriol behind it is warranted and frankly should be expected after 3, now 4 botched games.


I’m not suggesting that they don’t deserve the aggression and criticism. I’m asserting that despite their repeated failures, they’re still human and everything we say impacts them.

They do deserve backlash for a lot of their decisions. The community has every right to be upset with their perpetual shortcomings. People are mad about these atrocious systems and I am myself.

I’m not saying to be pleased with them or to forgive them.

I’m suggesting that no matter how much context or history goes into this situation, nothing warrants attacks of any kind.

Be angry. Keep posting feedback. Keep sharing your thoughts. But there should be no hatred, it serves no purpose but to harm.

Reasonable people don’t expect a free game, with free armor, and free DLC.
I whole heartedly agree, they need to make money. This alternate revenue stream is their idea, and they are at fault for making it so horrendous that people are upset and expressing their frustration.
There is nothing Micro about the way they are monetizing it, they didn’t set up the store just to put food on the table and keep servers running. It’s disingenuous.
We know it was done to maximize profits, they know it was done to maximize profits, but they are using F2P and server cost to justify the insane shop and deflect criticism. It’s insulting. Just admit what you are doing and I at least will respect your honesty.
Defend the devs, that’s fine, but 343i isn’t some Microsoft run sweatshop. Those are overseas. The majority of people don’t send threats or insults their way, just very vocal feedback.

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I honestly do get everyone’s point of veiw when it comes to free to play since in reality you make alot more then just having a standalone game which is a smart buisness move, all they need to do now is address the querks with the system and adjust it to our needs and they are good to go, far as I’m concerned they can make a bigger better product with the cash anyhow

They’re paid professionals not a charity or modding team


Fundamental issue between you and I is that I believe we have different internal ideas of what constitutes vitriol and what that actually means. I have always thought of it as a biting, harsh criticism whether it is deserved or not. Semantics really.

As for death threats and the like, that’s just stupidity on the part of the individual making the comments.

As for the infallibility of human engineers, yeah I get that as well. But at this point in the franchise history, it’s not infallibility, it’s utter incompetence. They have done this exact same song and dance in the previous 3 games. Now people are seeing the pattern and going “hey hold up a minute” and screaming at the top of their lungs, in the effort to avoid the pitfalls that 343 always bakes into their shoddily made Halo games.

Their “apologies” come off as half hearted, and their excuses are worth even less than the apologies.


Regardless of what ‘vitriol’ objectively or subjectively means, I completely agree with you.

There is no need to be this toxic. The problem is we’ve stated what’s wrong they stated they will be looking into it and providing solutions but one step out of time.

They can’t fix everything with a blink of an eye. It’s a business regardless… Sales. Labor. Hours.
Stop being Naive, they’ve created a great game and put it all out early for testing to get feedback. From my experience with all the flights they fixed everyone of them as long as one side voted 50.1% or more then the other.

Based on the community feedback which they’ve given responses and their focuses at this moment because they have families and breaks as well.
They will work with us, they’ve proven it. This is actually 10x better then the 3 previous titles launched by 343. Now we also have to add all the problems and restrictions they had during Covid and how they fixed all our initial problems.

More content is on the way. They announced it
The gameplay is great
Customization is great minus how coatings, visors, emblems aren’t universal.
The micro transactions need to be reworked but needs and understandably will stay in the game. I’ve made a post with my suggestions.

The problem is people aren’t making suggestions and agreeing people are attacking. They have to take your small cry and guess how to make it perfect.

They deserve and need to be praised for how this game is currently. They stated they will be looking into changes and won’t be able to get them until after the break. That’s a month after the official multiplayer and campaign release. Not bad at all.

Warzone and COD are broken for 2 years before a legit fix and they break weapons just so you’ll buy skins. Dice does the same thing.

Chill out… We are actually in a better spot then all these games. It’s a game that feels good, looks good, and has amazing opportunities which we’ve been promised and now they said they will look into fixing our concerns yet you all still cry.
Stop the toxicity. This community isn’t and wasn’t ever like this and to be honest my love for the community is burning quick. Because you guys are no better then COD players and Rust Players.

Not everyone will get what they want at the end of the day this game is their baby as well. They have sales to meet which allows hours and more fun, customization and more.