This Hatrd needs to stop

This hate and negativity with the company is so depressing its very unmotivating, I wouldn’t blame them if they stopped doing updates based on how we are acting right now and it needs to stop,

Others think it’s a cash cow or whatever when it’s not nor is it using people without impulse control, which is frankly a silly excuse to point fingers for not controlling yourself, you want instant gratification and most of you are adults,

people that do challenges, do them in quick play or in bots which is a great place I might add to do challenges, please when there’s objectives please do them in ranked regardless on what it is, I beg of you,


Edit: They need to make money somehow to ensure people get fed and that.

EDIT 2: This space is basically for rants rather then some other poor soul to suffer there wrath


hate will stop when they fix they’re game


Your logic is flawless and you are part of the problem if it was me receiving hate I wouldn’t want to update the game or anything :joy:


Yeah, after all, they dont owe us anything apparently…

Not trying to legitimate any vitriol that was thrown around by angry players, but the progression system is rather predatory.
For instance, the Tenrai event advertising a free armor while the model displayed on the event art is actully behind a paywall. There also seems to be a number of evidence that the Battlepass was tuned down, making some armor parts available through credit buy only.

When a full armor set ranges from 15 to 30$ for just a few customization items, you can’t pretend this is to “get fed”…


It isnt about being preditory that’s just a lame excuse, and they actually do, they want us to have the best halo game they can produce and develop unless you forgot about halo 4 and 5

Another thing that’s your choice whether you want to pay or not

nobody ‘wants’ to go to work 40+ hrs a week, its theyre job, if they do a bad job customers arent going to happy


Doesn’t mean you can give em death threats or whatever :roll_eyes:

Thats obviously some very extreme scenarios and no one would condone that, in this instance the population of the customers in the millions, always going to whack jobs in there. focusing an argument on the extremes will never achieve anything


That’s what people have been doing and they expect a good response :roll_eyes:

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You’re absolutely confusing everything here.
Because a fraction of player base threatened the devs, everyone should bite the bullet and be grateful for customization costing 20$ ?
You’re just -Yoink!- over 343i, not bringing anything to the debate.
Are they trying to bring us the best Halo experience ever ? No. They’re trying to implement a business model that can be milked for the next upcoming 10 or so years. A lot of evidence points out that they are not intending to take much of thefeedback.

And replying :

Is just very dismissive of people with lower impulse control or grasp of money. One armor pack, tied to an armor core, costs a third of the whole game. Does this even sound remotely reasonable to you ?


Then it’s there problem if they have no impulse control, can’t believe you are saying alot of hogwash

To be fair I don’t think Spartan_C61 is driving a full warthog here, If you get what i mean he seemed to totally disregard social playlist over the ranked playlist because “muh rank” when he commented on the "please play the objective’ topic


My bad for not acting like a good little ATM.


You are one funny weird dude :joy::joy:

Cortana: Hey Cheif do you’ve got an ATM somewhere on your suit?


Umm what the hell is Hatrd? How did older game makers make money without microtransactions??


The hatred needs to stop, as in the vitriol and threats.

The criticism and constructive feedback needs to continue, as it contributes to the future success of the game.


it appears to me as this ‘hatred’ is valid critisism that the developer can’t handle.

I don’t support doxxing or death threats, though i have yet to see any proof of it, i’ve heard very few people did that.


I agree that the threats, doxxing, and vitriol are unwarranted. There’s no place for that. However, the volume and repetition of the negative feedback may be necessary for changes to be made.


Because the feedback that is so loudly and angrily being shouted by the community is the same feedback that was quietly and kindly shared during the technical flights.

343 declined to incorporate most of the feedback given during the flights (despite its unanimity). However, they are now responding to that same feedback because of the volume at which it’s being delivered.


Interesting, then explain why any company “needs” a psychological analyst to look for the best ways to manipulate a system/players, especially kids/teens that don’t know any better?

See, when I read posts like this, it’s interesting how some players only want to paint half of a picture, and ignore what’s actually going on with the whole picture.

If you can, explain to me why the system that has been designed to manipulate the players couldn’t have been set up more like some games that offer 2 paths, to where you can either buy from the shop or earn an in-game currency like Destiny has Bright Dust. That “it had to be this way” that there was "no other options’???

Edit: I agree that there is a fine line when it comes to giving negative feedback, and that line should never be crossed, but in this case when it comes to the player base trust.?343 literally did step over that line, pretty much lied to the player base face by painting half of the picture as you actually did.