THis had better be fake.

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I’m not going to comment on the article, just giving you friendly advice: Don’t post leaked information or links to leaked info, regardless of whether it’s fake or not.

> <mark>I refuse to buy this crap.</mark>

You can make all the proclamations you want, Halo 4 will most likely be one of the best selling games of all time and it would be a tremendous mistake to miss out.

I always liked the little things like respawn delay and set weapon placements, gave the game skill. This could be just like COD. which would be very bad

Nothing like playing Call of Halo: Spartan Warfare 4

> Nothing like playing Call of Halo: Spartan Warfare 4

That’d actually be a funny post if the truth wasn’t that sad.

I definitely do not like the idea of Spartan Points. It sounds too gimmicky. Why not stick with cR?

And no FF?? I’m not the biggest fan of the gamemode, but after ODST and Reach, its become a part of Halo.

And the instant respawn is just plain ridiculous. If they want to speed up gameplay, why not just shorten the respawn timer?


Personally, I’m not going to believe any of this until 343 releases it themselves or the game actually comes out. I don’t want to believe it either because if it’s true (which it likely isn’t) it’ll ruin Halo completely. I think 343 knows what people want in Halo 4 and what they don’t. I doubt they would put many of those in the game because there would be a lot of angry gamers, and Halo 4 would be the worst selling Halo game ever.

Irony you all forget facts that have been already stated… Here’s a reminder:

"Without going into too many details, in Halo: CE, you’d fight for control over armor abilities based on timing and map control, and that’s something that evolved over time until it became the Equipment pick-ups in Halo 3 and eventually the Armor Ability loadouts in Reach. Halo 4’s system will be a logical evolution, but based on lessons and inspiration from the (matchmaking) successes and less-than-successes in prior titles."

"We will do our best not to disappoint fans of the existing Halo feature set. Every aspect of the game is being approached with a passion and fervor to improve, grow, or streamline. More detail soon, but I suspect most folks will be pretty happy."

Did you guys really think they would revert completely back to Halo3? A game I’m playing right now and it doesn’t require anything besides a well-placed grenade to get kills in a ranked FFA match?

Lastly, and please correct me if wrong, but wasn’t their a specific talk of 1-50 potential returning in addition to a “classic” playlist? Anyone who thinks Halo 4 is going to be new was correct. Anyone who wants to play under revised settings will also have that chance… Let’s wait a see what happens, afterall, Frankie kinda went ahead with this:

Without the context of the leak we have little reason to discuss it.

Its akin to discussing a hypothetical leak on the reach target locator. Without knowing that its campaign and firefight only it might have seemed ridiculous as a matchmaking weapon.