This guy was idle and quit on me in Doubles ......

I just had a team doubles game where my teammate was not moving, i saw that he was in party chat so i assume he joined his friend and left me on a 2v1. I looked at his gamertag and he has a lot of games with 4% -6% completion which leads me to believe this guy is on a secondary tag. I looked at his game history and see he has a tendency to quit games.
Is there a certain amount of games you could quit each day without being banned?

You might want to remove that link. You’re not supposed to call people out by their gamertags or with links. Mods will be here soon.

ooooooohhhhh thanks for the heads up

It is possible that he’s using a secondary account, but there isn’t any way to know how many games it takes before a ban is implemented. I’d advise against singling out a player, but it happens in matchmaking. Move on and accept it, it happens to everyone on occasion.

My first Doubles game for the day I had a guy on my team just standing there and doing nothing as well. I just quit and let the other team farm him. Not worth my time carrying lazy players like that.

I had the same thing happen to me but I destroyed the enemy team on Eden 25-6.