This games hit reg and matchmaking is totally broken

Only 2 of near every 3 rounds hits while playing against Americans on US servers. The hits register as hitting the shield and then do no damage. As a UK player, it is like I’m confined to only doing 1/3rd damage as I get 0 games on EU servers. I consistently get melted after taking ages queuing in the lobby, probably because I’m ping-locked.

The game is broken, near all people are playing in the US, and I get annihilated by stacked teams of highly skilled players 4 shooting with laser accuracy.

In OG halo 3 if your aiming reticule was red, it meant your bullets would connect; there were no leading shots or anything. If your crosshair had a dot in the middle, it meant you got a headshot, simple. Lag had nowhere near the impact it does now. They said they fixed it, but they didn’t.

I now get teamkilled and abused because of this rubbish game. It’s unplayable, and I’ll have to quit.

You’re misremembering. You did have to lead shots but the new framerate/netcode seems to of broken the hit registration. I don’t like people celebrating the game as fixed now just because it was much worse than the poor state it is in atm, misleads people who are purchasing the collection.


I know you had to lead in OG at a distance when the reticle was blue but not when the sight reticle was red. I swear if you have a red reticle, then it should just hit solid even if you’re aiming slightly behind the guy who’s running. Also, they put that red dot in the middle of the crosshair to tell you if you fired you would get a headshot. Leading shots at point blank is a myth.

Oh yeah this, it works this way in the HO port but not the finished MCC one. Very weird.

See if they fixed it my KD would go up by like 200% I swear, what’s odd is I watch YouTubers and they seem to do it the OG way, they preach leading but then in their gameplay quite a few of them aren’t. I wonder if it’s like an inconsistent issue.