This games doomed and im done with halo

5 years of development, a shallow multiplayer that still feels like an unorganized beta, a hotfix that didnt fix anything, a dissapointin campaign and literally no lessons learned from store feedback. i dont trust a word this company says anymore. its been a decade of screws up over and over again and im done

it just sucks, yknow. cause i love halo, ive been a fan of it for over a decade. 2, 3 and reach are some of my fav games ever. and i really thought this time theyd get it right. i really thought infinite was gonna be the halo game i always dreamed of. but instead i got this unfinished piece of crap
at this point im just so damn bitter i wanna see it fail


I uninstalled last night after an atrocious game of Attrition on Aquarius. At one point I climbed to top mid, shot someone in the back and broke their shields while they, predictably, sprinted away toward their teammates, taking shots the whole time. There is next to no individual power off spawn in this game, with it’s rng headshot capable weapons.

Same game, I get the first AR shots in from across one of the top mid hallways and to quote 343, I accounted for “accuracy decay due to poor trigger discipline” (aka bloom, a nearly universally hated addition since Halo: Reach), the other player proceeded to spray me down in no time from 20-30 feet away, whether rng or desync, it’s unsatisfying to say the least. There’s way too much rough surrounding whatever diamond might possibly be in this game, and I feel like the fanbase at large would do well to acknowledge that, rather than make excuses for Halo’s worst release state yet under 343.


“no individual power in this game”.

That’s correct. It was designed to heavily around teamwork. Little of individual skill shines


I tried to warn some of you that they were overhyping the game, so now it’s making fans unhappy that it didn’t meet expectations. Halo has a history of being disappointing, even with Halo 2 and with Halo 3, the flaws were incredible. Not as bad as the F2P Halo Infinite, but still.

I’ll still play this one though. At some point it could p’ me off too much though, cause even Halo 3 drove me to Gears and COD eventually.


Probably the last hype 343 can deliver


Agreed. I’ve uninstalled the game and walked away from it during this goofy cyber event. The worst part is that the campaign is the closest to Halo 3 or Reach that 343 has gotten… if it was more content complete and there was better environmental storytelling and biodiversity in the campaign, it would have been the return to form that we’ve been wanting for practically a decade.


In all honesty, I never was hyped for Halo Infinite. And now seeing how disgusting the game is after having spent thousands of hours in Halo 5 and MCC, Halo Infinite will never be installed on my Xbox Series S ever again. The campaign really turned me off (removing Blue Team is a completely unforgivable mistake), and do NOT even get me started on the multiplayer!!

So they spend 6 years and a $500 million budget only for this game to be abysmal? Shows you how little faith I have in AAA gaming companies nowadays.


It’s already failing. They just put out a funny PR piece about Infinite having a record “20 million players at launch” when the peak on Steam was maybe 1/4 million? So they’re saying almost 20 million people were playing on Xbox, that’s like half of Xbox’s entire console base lol. Forget Steam and its 100’s of millions of users, even Playstation doesn’t get those numbers and their games move way more units (with a much larger base).

This was never about Halo. In fact, its not even about the games with Microsoft anymore, its about the “service” aka Game Pass. This game wasn’t designed to be good, it wasn’t made for the fans, it’s a soulless corporate product design to generate Game Pass subs and MTX revenue.

Look at the 1st party lineup at Xbox Studios (or whatever they’re calling it now), apart from Forza it’s been lackluster, with each iteration getting worse. Hell, they’re so bad at what they do they’re buying up huge chunks of the 3rd party market to try and stay relevant.

It ain’t about the quality or the games, they just want you paying your Game Pass sub and buying microtransactions. Everything else is secondary.


MCC was unplayable for almost a year, this game is gonna take off.


funny i thought h5 was all teamwork atleast at average skill levels. Not much you can do about 2 people rushing you in halo 5 as they can thrust away from your grenades and melee to easily farm you. Now in halo infinite, enemies respect your space otherwise they easily fall into melee and grenade traps. The teamwork in infinite is balanced and fair unlike 5.


I now mainly play indie titles and I’ve never been happier. AAA games now piss me the f off.


i dont play cod and i’m bored of gears. gears is constantly the same game that manages to get slightly worse each release. halo infinite solves a lot of issues i have with gears, now it just needs tweaks and content.


Just play MCC. It’s literally the heart of halo.


I don’t even see anyone playing it anymore.


343 didn’t deliver any hype. It was the Halo fanboys who overhyped the hell out of this game and refused to see to the warning signs that Infinite was going to be a disaster.


I do. Been playing Halo for 20 years, its what makes Infinite such a disappointment.


I’ve only been playing Halo for 13 years and Infinite is still a disappointment.


“It was designed to heavily around teamwork.”

That’s a welcome staple from the original trilogy. As someone who used to be into competitive Halo 2, communication decided whether or not you’d win. However, individual skill still existed through callouts and 1-on-1 gun battles.


yeah maybe in like 2 years, but at that point i dont care anymore. im done with games comin out half baked and then maybe bein good in a few years


let me guess my grammar aint up to par?

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