This game would be good if,

Dear 343 and other players

i am postig this to see if anyone feels the same way about this multiplayer so far. its pretty good but with a couple of minor things it could have been way better.

first of all why is there no tru skill to match people up. these ranks we have now in now way represent a players skill.the only thi g they can show is this person played a ton of games of halo and is probably not that good. on top of that i am constantly teamed up with horrible teammates. or i am put with a squad of good friends against me and some people who cant match my skills.

second i hate how you guys went the
cod scoring route. its dumb and why
do we get bonus points for comback kills while in game but headshots dont. there are other thing but feel like youre rewarding people who suck to keep them playing.

third br is underpowered and under ranged. dmr is op but good range. also is it just me or is there a consistant number of head shots to kill someone. cause at times it takes a ton with a br but they shoot me like 2 times full health and im dead(exxageration of course)

fourth take out that stay scoped crap after youre shot. its dumb you guys have basically told everyone to camp with this. before people who sucked had to get close to earn their kill if you werent good at first shoting people in a long range battle, now everyone is 1 mile away blasting off cause they can stay scoped in even as they are taking shots.

fifth. grenades suck balls. take too long to explode and damage radius is 0. you might as well not added grenades. even with then loadout perk they still suck. oh amd the rocket explosion. as a matter of fact all explosions suck in this game.

there more other people feel free to post how you feel too, but my point is 343 you dumbed down halo alot to make it easier for other players to jump into at the same time you let down the hardcore players who want a more conpetitive experience amongst people their skill level. basically you made CoD Halo4 cause alot off people play like noobs and camp the whole game. oh and what seperated halo which was tons of close quarters combat is dissapering.

Disagree with pretty much everything you said.

oh and i hope i am not the only one expierencing this but i seen bullets bounce off of playes head, head shots not register and plasmas bouncing off of opponets.

i can see why you do it could be just me but you cant dissagree with the lack of tru skill in matchmaking. if you do then you havent played as much as i have with teammates who suck or a whole enemy team that sucks. would be real if i could be matched up with people all my skill level

I also disagree with everything you said
game is great as it is

The only thing I agree with is the lack of a decent matchmaking system. Halo’s been missing that for a long time. Hell, every game I’ve played in the past few years has been missing that. It’s not a lot of games, but still- the point stands. Most of your other complaints sound like issues related to either your connection, or the game’s netcode.

Isn’t there a “Slayer Pro” playlist? I haven’t played it, but it seems like it would be much more akin to what you want.