This game will die if Progression is not fixed

343, if you are reading this, you are on thin ice at this point. Your multiplayer leveling system does not need “small tweaks” It needs a complete overhall. I shouldn’t have to play every day for 10 hours and pay money to unlock stuff. That takes the fun out of your game. The gameplay itself is fun and exciting, but gets ruined when I finish a match and don’t get any reward for it. Give me something to work for, that I can actually acheive without making this game my life.

Stop being greedy, get your stuff together, and change the progression away from what it is now. A greedy, predatory ploy to get money from people.


Agreed, it annoys me to no end that I have to spend hours just to go up 2 levels in the battle pass… and I get a challenge swap and coating. The xp system should be somewhat similar to Halo 5 and MCC’s, no extra xp for a few multi kills is really bad for the game and will decimate the player base.


they know and have said they are going to work on it. But its thanksgiving and right now they arent in the office. give them time to try and fix it

its not the development team we need to scare into making changes, its the suits and bean counters that keep an eye on stock prices and make the earning forecasts.

These guys dont take a break and its those ones we need to convince, Battlefront 2 did not change over night because of “constructive feedback” it changed because the market got so scared it wiped a few billion off EA share price.

That’s the sort of impact you need to instigate change, if constructive feedback with someone saying “where listening” would do the job then the current system would have not even made it out of the Pilot test.

Holy moly I’m level 19 playing CASUALLY and we have this BP till like may 2022

What are yall talking about? At this rate I’ll have the BP done long before then and be annoyed I have to wait so long for the next one.

Play the game!


Unfortunately, this is only going to get worse when it comes to the shop.

All companies pretend things like a shop won’t effect a game. The problem is the shop is directing how the game is being handled, and if there are going to be changes they will only be slight changes that mainly benefit 343.

The truth here is, our opinion about it literally doesn’t matter, because if it did what has taken place wouldn’t have and 343 would have gone a better way about all this.

I want the halo 3 progression system with your highest skill determining your rank and the xp system for every match like how you could be a general at 600xp with highest skill being 50 ,and how it had the ranked Playlist with lone wolves etccc

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I’m seeing this type of feedback everywhere, surely they’ve everyone’s thoughts by know… it’s such a crap system.

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No it won’t lol the crybabies who need instant gratification will all move on to the next flavor of the month and the community will go back to normal. God I can’t wait for that


You know what I have a hard time wrapping my head around? The fact that the original battlepass system had to likely go through several layers of approval through tons of different people. All these people said “yeah that sounds like a great system that people will like!”

How none of those people have learned lessons from recent hot messes like Battlefront 2 and Gears 5 I’ll never figure out.

rather the lack of content and other gameplay related things will drive the playerbase down. progression is only one stone. converning progression… i think they should orient towards mcc wich has in my opinion great progession. of course mcc is ( at least yet ) not monetized in any way so i would expect at least 2 to 4 times the time needed to unlock stuff.

I have played over 70 matches and am level 8. that is almost 7 matches per level. Matches average 10 minutes. That 12 hours of game time, not including the wait for queue and crashing every other game. I have unlocked 2 shoulder pieces and some xp boosts.

Another thing, I got my first killing frenzy the other day, plus 2 sets of triple kills in a game and when it came the to the XP screen it was really discouraging to see the only XP I got was 50 for completion…

It will be! Not a lot of people know this, but they are working on a progression system outside of challenges. They said it will take some time to work out the kinks. It’s in their tech preview news update (halowaypoint)/news/tech-preview-2-outcomes

I installed the game yesterday, I played a solid 4-5 hours. And I am still barely halfway through level 2.

It’s almost like this page is competing with the Halo subReddit for ridiculous claims lol. Infinite is way ahead of CoD or Battlefield at the moment.
Calm down, kids.

This is so true. I’m not 19, but 10 and am a nearly 40 year old father of 3. People just want everything on day one apparently.

Is it ahead? COD has more maps, more modes, better prorgression, better monetization.
Although battlefield is plagued with its own issues it doesnt make me feel like i am working a second job.

Ive bought all 3, i prefer Halo gameplay but everything else about the other games is better.

I highly doubt it will die. The gameplay is fun and the eSports portion is already huge.

Stop making assumptions.

The newest update poses promise. It seems like 343i is promising some form of an update in the future, but it will take time. In the mean time, the latest tweak to their current system makes sense and benefits those who can’t play more than a couple matches a night. Its a step in the right direction and I appreciate 343i for being transparent about it so far.

I am curious to see if their future progression system is any better. I just want rewarded for doing well.