This game seems absolutely terrible

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I’ve been a halo fan for a long time. I would like to say that IM GOING TO GIVE THIS GAME A CHANCE. However, I would just like to know what happened to old fashion halo? Why do so many people want change? You used to have to be good at halo. I don’t want everyone to have a “equal chance” get good at the game and shut up. I hated reach, AA and getting rid of the br was a terrible idea so im glad its back but its gonna be ruined im sure.

Map control is a important part of halo, so why are you trying to ruin it??? you shouldnt be able to see through walls!

Why have we got away from ranking systems? I want to earn my rank! my lvl 50 in h3 was awesome because I earned it! I can remember the day I got my first 50 because I had to work for it! I dont want a system like cod where you just play all day for xp. I dont like playing randoms, I want to play kids my skill level! which is nearly impossible now because you guys have made the game so easy to be good at because there is no skill gap! Stop catering to crying 5 year olds because they suck and cant win. Thats why in h3 and h2 they had a skill level below 10 and played other people around their skill.

STOP BEING LIKE COD! you lazy clusterf***s are not making a new game or new experience at all! your taking halo and making it terrible by just copying call of duty. You try to copy them because they won over the fanbase… uhm copying them doesnt work. THATS WHY WE LIKE COD… because they dont change what they are doing… they dont change a system that works unlike 343. You guys are just taking the game and trying to milk every last $ out of everyone by throwing some copied bull$h!t in our faces! and of course we will buy it! its halo (kinda) We want and love halo but true fans that remember the basic foundation of the game, hate what you guys have done to this game.

I like forge, at least you guys got something right. Im glad you put alot of effort into forge so we can at least TRY to fix this game. AND THANKS for not putting elites in multiplayer. that I like. and thank you for the BR. But for everything else. Im high upset at what halo has become. I pray that the story is at least decent and doesnt ruin the amazing storyline of halo. Id hate for the biggest game in xbox history to be completely ruined.

Old fashion Halo is precisely that; in the older games.
Halo has to change and this is the path 343 want to take, and it seems to be a great one.
Would you rather have the same good old formula but also have Halo 4 fail badly or Halo 4 breaking records by having it appeal to a wider, modern audience?

Please save the reviews until after the release. By the looks of Halo 4, i like it. I could care less if its like COD. Never played it before, but i personally want to enjoy the game and not worry about its resemblance to any other game. I think 343 is doing an fantastic job, and hope they have a review thread so i can post a comment about halo 4.

Does this mean you will be renting the game OP because it does not sound like you will be enjoying the game so much.

You created an account to complain?

Don’t forget how they butchered CTF with these “new” settings that we can’t even change.

> You created an account to complain?



> I earned it!

The majority of 50’s in Halo 3 boosted to get to where they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did too.

Getting really sick of these posts. Yes it’s your opinion but many of us feel Halo 4 is going to be a stellar game backed up by videos and those who have ACTUALLY PLAYED IT.

> > I earned it!
> The majority of 50’s in Halo 3 boosted to get to where they are. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did too.

I was thinking the same thing… just to afraid to post it.


I’d love to tell you it was a cool story, but I’d rather read Fifty Shades of Slay[er].

I personally don’t want to buy the same game year after year, with new maps, a few minor upgrades to multiplayer & a tacked-on 2 hour crappy campaign. That’s why I haven’t bought a CoD game since MW2, and if Halo were to go down that road I would drop it like a bad habit as well.

Criticism is welcome. It is not welcome when it is destructive in nature rather than constructive.

Why don’t you forget about what is “old fashioned Halo” for a sec and forget about “this game is cod you lazy -Yoinks!-!” for just one sec.

Think about this game as a GAME and how it is improving as a GAME. There always needs to be change to make games better, and sometimes change is good. This is a brand new studio taking on their own idea of what Halo is and should be, and ya know, I honestly think this is 9001x better than ANYTHING bungie has done with a Halo game.