This game physically tries its hardest to make a certain team win

BTB is so one sided half the games it’s a joke.

You cant put the objectives near an enemy spawn and you cant give one team better weapon spawns than the other.

They should always be made equal. Theres 0 reason when the bases have all the same weapon spawn locations but 1 team is given the stronger rotation.

Also placing a bunch of people that cant aim (likely bronze rank) versing people who can (diamond/onyx) is stupid. My teams shouldn’t be going 2-20


Which objectives spawn closer to the enemies which don’t also spawn on your side? Power seeds drop in batches and are always mid map. Total Control is the only one where the areas can all spawn closer to one side - but you have Slayer spawns and aren’t always spawning at the same side anyway.

Weapons placements I agree should be equal.

Power seeds are only center at the first spawn, after that they can spawn closer to a base. While it’s not as close as capture points it’s still closer to one side which means it’s near impossible to win if balanced skill wise as they spawn closer and therefore get there faster.

I just think it’s kinda stupid this stuff isnt balanced, I shouldn’t have to be fighting the map rng as well at the enemy team which likely out ranks mine by a huge margin


if your refrfint to stockpile then no the seeds always spawn in the center area of maps aka nutrel ground

as for total control it kinda makes sense for it as it kinda moves as the game goes so I see no issues here

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Just played a game of total control on deadlock where enemy team had 3 BR spawns we had 3 commando… our team spent the entire game rushing A and mostly just dying in the open. Enemy had vehicles and map control bc BR outcompetes commando at most ranges.
After walking across the map and seeing that I just laughed to myself and stopped caring, would love to hear someone try to explain that.
Logged on to ask if this is a thing now and apparently it is. Good luck with your rng all.


I don’t think I have ever seen the power seeds spawn close to a base? They are always in the mid map area, but if they appear towards one ‘side’ of mid map, the next drop will always be the opposite ‘side’ of mid map.

So on Highpower for example, the seeds may spawn on the road near the cliff edge sniper, which benefits the base in the waterfall side. But the next spawn will be over near the cave on the opposite side of the map, which benefits the other team.

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Total Control has rotating spawns - so after a few minutes you will be spawning BR side.

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I’ve definitely won BTB games because I spawned next to the last zone for Total Control, and I have won games where the seeds were just conveniently near our team spawning.

Has anyone else noticed that on High Power, sometimes one team will get a hydra in their base, and the other gets a ravager. The team without the hydra almost always gets decimated by a wasp and hogs because it’s so much harder to take out vehicles compared to a team with a constant hydra in rotation. :frowning:

Stockpile does NOT always have the seeds in the middle. I have had countless matches where it spawns on one side to an incredibly unfair level.


It’s been a minute since I played BTB, but I was under the assumption that the objective modes put the objectives closer to the losing team when they reset.

Why most vehicles don’t just spawn at the base like a tank and.banshee confused me… 343 is always trying to cha he this but sometimes they throw that 344 spin on stuff that doesn’t need to happen or be changed.

So many working formulas and they change it for something no one asked for.

They had the perfect progression system in Reach, and all they had to do was make the Battlepass progression another layer on top of that existing progression… But they blundered that up…

I’m honestly not looking forward to Forge cus I feel like they are going to once again try to change it up to make it feel knew… And mess it up

Dude 343 literally just had to follow the formula of equal starts on each side… Power Weapons in the middle and each side of the map is a duplicate of the other side weapons wise…

How insanely easy was that for them to accomplish. Seriously they go in and change the most absurd things that don’t need changing… I have said this already but Halo Reach gave 343 the best formula for progression to build on, and just could have layered the Battlepass on top of that as another seperate progression … but they went ahead and said naw let’s just make our Battlepass the only progression… Yup that sounds great


If I’m not mistaken the Total Control and Stockpile spawns always follow the same pattern. So it’s always the same locations where the zones/seeds will spawn in order. So if you memorize them you will know after one is completed where the next one will be.

They do lean more to one side or the other most of the time. However following a placement that favors your team, it will be one that favors the other team. If you have people on the other side that have memorized the rotation, they are quite likely to win as they will be in most zones as soon as they spawn.

I have no problem with the zone/seed placement. Different weapons for the different bases should not be a thing though.

no it spawns them on the center part as in the center of the map and goes center, left center, right center no advatnge

Well, it spawned all right in front of my teams base back when BTB worked soooooo… I guess it was a bug because just saying “no” doesn’t help.

Also one team getting tanks and wasps while the other side gets just a razorback is horse crap.

I was expecting another bad post about 4v4 but no you’re right, BTB is dreadful. It has not always been this bad, either.

the vehicle part I have no response for like at all

Perhaps they assumed that players are like the Marine Ai in campaign. Though killing marines does not net you a killtrocity.

If this is true I didn’t observe it. Ran into the map and gametype again with the same situation, started and ended with commando, only saw commando throughout (I use it bc i need some range). Also never seen a situation where weapon spawns change, if no one picks them up do they still reset?