This game needs more lag

Like its lagging and its great, but i want more of matchmaking games to have this lag feature so that way I can experience the BS occurances feature more frequently.

Also why are all the threads being locked half of these threads are actually constructive and positive and have some good ideas. I get the ones that spawn derailed arguments(maybe this one will and thats fine, because I just do not trust 343i to fix anything in this game its a lost cause but its still a good way to pass the time) but can I get a good explanation as to why everything is being locked?

P.S 343i lag is a bad feature please do not add it in in the next game.
(I know lag is not a feature but seriously in this day and age why is it so prevalent especially more so in this game. A company that tries is a company that minimalizes these issues there is no excuse.)

I haven’t run into severe lag in more than a handful of matches in the past month or so. I think the main problem isn’t the game’s netcode (though 343 could and should optimize it further), but that many player’s connections are too slow to handle the game well. Still using peer to peer matchmaking doesn’t exactly help the situation, but I’d mostly put the blame on connection, because I haven’t had many problems with it.