This game needs a "VOTE" option

In old halos we had a veto option. Next map was this - one vote to say no. If the majority said no then that match was skipped and you would get whatever was next.

Why should we have a “VOTE” and not a “VETO”?

  • Quick play and challenges: - “gotta complete that one oddball game in quick play?” - vote for it.
  • CSR limits in ARENA: - “does your squad want to play BR only variants?” - Vote for it.

Veto was fine - but in a game that continually removes CHOICE I feel we should be able to select what our squad wants to play. - hell - it would also provide lots of data 343i can use to analyse what the community WANT also.


I’d want to be able to play Behemoth on occasion. If people just vote it away anytime it comes up, I’ll never see it again.


Gotta say I do really miss that Vote option from back in the day! (the amount of times people would decry Snowbound…)

It certainly would be a step in the right direction for community interaction and a feeling of empowerment as players. Naturally, we’d benefit from pre-game lobbies too if we get the Voting option at some point.

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Yeah for sure. Pre and post game lobbies are definitely needed. I know the days of everyone in game chat are largely over - but if there was one guy going “pleeeeease!” And we were a squad of 4 we’d put our votes their way from time to time.

It also encourages people to party up as it wasn’t often you’d go in by yourself and squads of up to 4 would listen…but there was the odd game where you’d be playing solo or as a duo and meet another party who you just “gelled with” - you know? That’s how friendships were formed.

In before people say “LFG” - it’s not the same as a naturally formed friendship

[quote=“hudso8, post:2, topic:528868, full:true”]
I’d want to be able to play Behemoth[\quote]

Yeah I suppose you’ve identified the main issue right there. I do feel the pros outweigh the cons though…plus it wouldn’t have to be an option enabled in every playlist.

If this happened we will end up in the same maps over and over again.

Edited: sorry thought this was MCC forums. Dont care what happens to this one.

Voting reduces variety. No.

I have mixed feelings about this. The Veto option has been abused in the past to favor maps which a majority of players think are great and as a result alot of maps in rotation are not really played on.

It’s a good feature in socials I guess where you can communicate your desire to the rest to play on another map instead of Valhalla for the 10th time in a row.

I think it better to be like Halo MCC and have a minimum number of modes we can choose. Voting just means you’ll never get to play unpopular modes. They have voting in Splitgate and lots of players leave lobbies when they don’t get the mode they want.

What if votes counted over everyone’s votes for a mode/ map.

If you don’t vote you neither add or subtract.
You can vote or veto the map/mode combo

Raises or lowers its chances to appear for everyone.

So the whole community can influence the rotation over time.
The vote doesn’t affect the current game.

This would work really well for the veto system. Ups and downs

nothing more nostalgic them yelling VETO FOR BRs please add this back 343

I think Veto was the best option from all of them.