This game needs a new loading screen

I’m very sick of looking at the loading screen of lighting canyon. Game should have a different loading screen for every mode.


Adding my voice to this like every other one I’ve seen. Please 343 ADD MORE LOADING SCREEN PHOTOS TO THE GAME


Totally Agree. Here are suggestions based on the crappy BTB games played where my Terrible Teammates ignore the objective (60-70% of the time).

  1. Loading Screens represent the game about to be played (if 343 can do that). If not, then just go generic "How to Play the BTB Games - Capture the Flag (CTF), Stronghold, and Stockpile (esp. stockpile).

  2. “Training” Loading Screens that are simplified with photos or videos showing:
    a. CTF
    1. Where the enemy flag is located, how to pick it up (pressing the B button)
    2. Where and how how to place the flag back at your base to score a point (by moving over the hole located at the top of your base with flag in hand (great to have map specific training). DO NOT PLACE IT ON YOUR OWN TEAMS FLAG!
    3. “Did You Know” training items like
    a. Running with the Flag - You can run with the flag (unlike Stockpile power seeds)
    b. Cloaked Flag Running - When cloaked, the flag is cloaked too. The enemy will only have a general direction until you uncloak. You uncloak when you run or are hit.

    a. Infographics or short video (loading screen time video) showing player picking up power seed and how to insert into the base power storage (e.g. PRESS B to INSERT into an OPEN unit).
    b. Same as above, but how to steal power seeds. How long it takes (7 sec) and that you can only crouch while stealing. Once stolen, the enemy will know your location.
    c. " " - How many power seeds are dropped and where they are located on the map.
    d. " " - How to use the Razorback to stow 2 power seeds in the trunk.
    e. What happens to the power seeds when they are destroyed by being thrown out of bounds, into fire/water, etc.

  4. How to use different weapons like - Multi-Zoom weapons (sniper rifles), multi-function weapons (hydra, cindershot, heatwave, etc.)

  5. How to talk to your teammates
    a. How to MARK a location (point at place / object & press up-D Pad)
    b. How to use Press-to-Talk to speak / use Speech-to-Text to send a global message to your teammates on Xbox Consoles (I have a support ticket in on this one as there does not apper to be a way to do this using Xbox Console / Xbox Controllers.)
    c. (Once team communications are fixed) - short training vid or info graphics on how to communicate to your teammates, what is appropriate, what will get you banned, and how to mute a -Yoink!- teammate.

  6. How to report players that are obviously not playing the game (e.g. driving around the whole time with the horn blaring constantly, collecting teammates into the vehicle & then purposely driving off a cliff, etc.)

Anything else I missed?

Please 343, add training vids/photos to the loading screens we are forced to watch that are helpful to gameplay. Keep up the great work!