This game needs a huge fix SOON

2 out of 10 games that I play automatically close the game on pc, causing bans in ranked matches. . it doesn’t make sense, really 343?

there are no choices for RE JOIN or allowing someone who is looking for matches and replace someone who left by will or error. . really 343??? x2

there are no lobbies, people who say they avoid waiting times and toxicity, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

every time i connect my controller , if i dont press the start button with it, aim assist will not be set… thats a HEADACHE…

advancing on the battlepass remains absurdly incoherent and slow, you cannot just make the exp be gained by game and decrease it each game. . make experience be gained by performance and thats it… like every other game or call of duty. . and u set an end to all the stupidity

set those store prices down or people won’t buy anything…

allow the option to mute and unmute people INSIDE matches… you can’t interact with anything on the score menu,
nor adding friends or anything… common sense 343…

the last-game results option is extremely confusing and dense. . people want to see how many kills they had and deaths, not how many points he made first in order.

allow to report bugs and feed halo,

allow people to report from INSIDE the game…. imake common sense.???

the game is very basic and clumsy in many ways, yet there is a lack of polishing options to make it more dynamic, simple and intuitive

all objective comments here, nothing subjective or stpid…

These may be worth your while reading:

343 are a bunch of college kids and this is their first project. There is no way a professional team is behind this game

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I wouldn’t say that.

I’ve virtually paid it no attention and I’m level 51 or so. And that includes being away for three weeks.

There is still over two months to go.

Nah. They were pretty toxic.

Prices are coming down. Always welcome. But I happily bought my Daisy bear.


I agree that we need more stats. A lot more.

But definitely take the focus off K:D in objective games. We need to promote the team stats first and foremost.