This game lacks replayability

5 Playlists, 15 maps that are lackluster at best, a ranking system that if done right caps you after 10 games.
Where’s the incentive to keep playing? A higher SR number? A random shiny REQ reward that I could never get no matter how long I played?

I love Halo and this multiplayer is a great step in the right direction. But shxt man I waited how long for this game and I’m already bored. For as long as we waited and how heavily marketed this game was it’s an extreme letdown for the simple lack of content.

Agreed. Onyx in all but one playlist so far, Legendary completed, Warzone isn’t as fun unless friends are on…

If only it had a Firefight mode of sorts where I could use all these REQ cards… Hmm…

I’m not even talking firefight.
Think about the two games (imo of course) that had the most replayability.
H2 and H3. H2 because 50 was attainable and freakin cool because it was a symbol.
H3 Because 50 was attainable and you also had things to play for that kept you wanting more exp (Major, brig, gen, 5 star, etc.)

Both games took a lot longer than 10 placement games to earn your spot. 10 games isn’t earning it, ESPECIALLY when you can’t lose it. Like really?

Despite the brokenness of Reach, it was a good model of a game with tons of features.

Campaign co-op, custom Firefight, matchmaking Firefight modes, evolved Forge, File shares, etc.