This game is what I wanted Destiny to be back in 2013

I’ve played probably almost 8 hours of the campaign on legendary so far and I am honestly having a blast. I’m on PC with mid-high tier specs and I haven’t really found any bugs, certainly nothing game breaking. Frame rate could be better on the surface of the ring, but I can just turn my setting down a little bit to accommodate. Either way, the one big thought in my head as I’ve been playing this game is: This is everything I wanted Destiny to be back when that first came out. I remember being so excited for the lore, the open world, and the overall adventure. What I got there was a lackluster grindfest with a story that took me maybe six hours. I never stuck around with Destiny, so I don’t know how they really improved upon things, but either way all the elements I wanted to be in that game I feel like exist here. Here are some things I’ve liked so far, I’ll post stuff I don’t like at the bottom and probably update this once I’m totally done with final thoughts.

  • Lore wise there’s so much. I love that there are so many lore collectibles, I have been waiting years and avoiding the comics/books because I wanted to see what this game would do for me in terms of storytelling. So far I’m pleased, especially as someone who enjoyed the audio logs in ODST.
  • I enjoy the characters, I like seeing them interact. I like learning about what happened to the other characters I know and care about. I’m curious to finish the game and find out precisely where everyone I haven’t seen is at.
  • The world feels incredibly alive. The amount of detail in what’s happening at any given place is astonishing to me. The weird alien critters are really great for this. But when I come across an outpost or a squad of marines, I do feel like I showed up just in time to help them out and the battles lack the scripted feeling that every other Halo game has, and I love it.
  • To comment more on the lack of true linear game design, I feel like the player’s freedom has been expanded in all the best ways. After the first two missions and I secured the first base, I was given the option to not do the next mission right away. This was kinda mind blowing in a Halo game to me, it gave me time to think and process everything I’d seen so far, and then time to consider how I wanted to prepare for the next mission.
  • Despite the map being open world like Far Cry/ Skyrim, I do not play this game like those at all. I think that’s a good thing. This is because quicksaving isn’t a feature. If it was, I would be playing this game sneakily the whole way through, like I do with those games and is something I already do. Not having quicksaves in the open world setting forces me to make better decisions before I get into a fire fight, and most of the time I am fighting pretty damn hard. It’s intense and I like that.
  • Boss fights are grindy, but not TOO grindy. Destiny bosses were really lame especially in the beginning, basically just point and click until it’s dead. Here I have to do a little more work to beat them and the environment is much more viable for use, but still a little annoying and I’ll talk about that in the next section.

Things I don’t appreciate as much:

  • Boss battles on legendary are kind of annoying. Covenant HVTs are fine it seems so far, but the boss battles have been kinda huge difficulty spikes, especially Bassus. To be fair despite how frustrating that fight was for me it did force me to keep trying new things and I do think that’s a good sign. I could totally understand it turning out that this boss fight was just hard because I didn’t know how to use all the tools available to me to my disposal.
  • Besides boss battles, legendary actually might be a little bit too easy. When I played the first two missions I didn’t see any higher tier enemies than basic classes, and it felt a little too easy. Brutes can technically be dispatched with two battle rifle bursts, and grunts one, so I kind of felt like I was breezing through the game a little too easy then. To be fair, the game has gotten considerably more difficult since then and more aligned with how difficult I’m used to Legendary being.

That’s all I have so far in terms of things I don’t like, I’m honestly feeling too positive about my experience to talk negatively too much, but again I’ll update this after I’m done and maybe I’ll have more.
Before I finish this post off, I have a hot take I want to state that will probably bring up a lot of discussion. Remember this is my opinion, but personally I think that leaving coop out of the campaign was the right choice. Of all the open world games with coop that I’ve played, they’ve all felt either busted (Dead Island) or disjointed and unbalanced (Destiny). I kind of prefer not having the option to have my friends who have already played missions and will probably breeze through the level join or have them come in at weird times that break the story’s pacing. I do miss not having Elite companions like in Halo 3, but I am enjoying the new format of a Halo game too much to be preoccupied with that, knowing how hard that kind of coop is to implement in games.
Anyways, these are my initial thoughts. How do y’all feel about these things?

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NIce! Haven’t had the time to dig into the campaign but I’m looking forward to it. Coming from Destiny, I worry I’ll lose interest in the PvE side of this game quickly even if it is open world simply bc campaign isn’t enough… at least for me. The great thing about destiny is there’s always raids, dungeons, strikes, story missions when new DLCs drop and armor, weapons to chase. I’d like to see something more from this game PvE wise other than campaigns, but that’s just me. I’ll enjoy the campiangs as they are though for sure. PvP is a lot of fun, so I guess that will keep me coming back from time to time as well.

Yeah that’s absolutely Destiny’s strong suit. When I did play those the Raids especially were absolutely the best parts and some of the most clever and engaging challenges I’ve ever seen in an FPS. The problem for me was time commitment, the barrier for entry was ultimately just too high for me in that regard. So to that end this is obviously a preference thing and I’m of course comparing this game to OG vanilla Destiny, but either way I definitely understand where you’re coming from with that comparison.

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