This game is rigged

Okay so I’m not e sports mode and not -Yoink!-, been playing halo going 20 years now. But is it just me when I say 343i wants us to lose? Like I get challenges for a weapon I get matches without that spawn, I get 4 headshots in a row, have an easy game. Get a 4 headshot sniper challenge I get garbage teams with no sniper. I swear if a data miner looked for a system, that changes things due to challenges to make them harder. They would find it. It can’t be just by chance I do all my challenges am getting good lobbies having fun. Then get an ultimate challenge for Fiesta killing sprees, and proceed to be given the worst teams and loadouts possible like a plasma pistol and magnum. And yes I know how to noob combo. But when they have snipers and rockets etc, and the plasma doesn’t home in as good as before. Wtf can I do