This game is only made for the U.S

I will never get this i have play so many fps games in lifespawn cod , battlefield , apex , rainbowsix ect and now apex

But in the only game where u can see the clear advantages of having host or a good pin is halo. Having good pin gives us absurds lunches with the melee lets you eat 6 shots and still survive and kill behind corners it is absurds how is your shot registration so trash in 2022 desync and no anti cheat on release killed your game in 6 months …

Latan has only one server and it might be on mexico but what happenen to all the others latam countries

Colombia / republica dominicana / ecuador / puerto rico and more ??? U know why people dont play your game ? Beside all the problems we all know u have it is the lack of severs beyond the usa soil is absurd

So we face kids playing most of the time on 20 to 30 pin vs 60 70 80 and more with desync and a bad shotregistration like come on dude no one will play a game they are handicap 99 % percent of the time

And i play apex on 90pin and it feels perfect
Same with cod but HALO bro halo is so broken makes no sence

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Hardly anyone speaks English in my lobbies

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