This game is missing something...

Where in the hell is the classic playlist!?
Why cant there be a playlist that doesnt involve the annoyances?
Im getting sick of trying to 5 shot people before they get away.
As for whats missing… the iconic Halo CE pistol needs to return again.
Nerf the magnum like you did in Reach. Either way would be awesome. :slight_smile:

they forgot to add in fun

You think?

It’s missing a LOT more than that.

The Halo CE pistol should NOT return, in my opinion. Yes, they need a classic playlist for sure (I think Team Throwdown is supposed to be a somewhat classic oriented playlist, but it’s not very good) but after they added the CE pistol in Reach, with the anniversary map pack, I hated playing on those maps just because of the stupid pistol.

However, they do need a legitimate “Classic” playlist, with BR/DMR/AR starts. But please, please don’t add the 3sk pistol. People are complaining about the DMR enough as it is, the 3sk pistol would be even worse.

Ce pistol was a mistake, Bungie literally said it them self’s, they tuned the settings by accident 2 days before the game had to go gold and couldn’t fix it. It should not return.

Playable elites