This game is incredible

Been playing halo since day 1. OG Xbox owner. This is by far the best version of halo. I’m wondering if all the “hacker” complaints are just people that aren’t good at halo and are new to the game. “I didn’t win!”…. “Hackers!!!”

Been playing a long time and halo is so distinct. Everything I lose I feel like I shoulda lost. Every time I win I feel like I shoulda won. Every individual fight (even if I lose it) feels right.

This game is so solid. So perfect. It’s just incredible.

People can go complain about progression and armor and all the stuff I could care less about. That stuff can all be addressed later. Every time I play this game I’m amazed by it. The base gameplay is halo 3 perfected for 2021.

Thanks 343! Catch ya January.

All haters please move on to the next game you will inevitably hate.


I’ve enjoyed everything about each Halo game in some way or another and I think other games have stronger attributes in certain areas.

But this is easily the most fun I’ve had in campaign, social and competitive all combined since Halo 3, the game is a lot of fun right now. Cannot wait for better customs and forge to come in, I think the game will be off the charts then.

( Opinion^ )

Now I’m wondering who you are and how you even came to this conclusion because the player base dropping off literally shows other wise.

You should learn what the word hate actually means before using it as you did that clearly show how very small-minded you are, especially trying to pass off your “opinion” as fact.

( IMO ) the game has way too many issues that some of them will stay an issue that is actually hurting the game.


December numbers say otherwise… Back to my fourm post saying it is bleeding players

December 2021
51,889.3 (Players Average)
-50,843.1 (Compared to November)
-49.49% Month over Month