This game is going to fail. And it's because of greed and lack of customization

343: 3 steps forward, 43 steps back,

Free to play was a mistake.

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I mean it has only been 1 week. A bit soon to say its destined to fail. If steps to improve the game dont occur over time then I would worry

Sure, I’ve played quit a bit since it came out. lets say i played half of what I have. I would still be at level 8. Mind you again, I have not tried to intentionally complete challenges. For how long the BP is the timeframe in which you can unlock everything is within or extremely shorter than the given time.

Do I like customization/progression? Sure, but everyone on here is bringing it to another level as if that’s all that matters… Well, it simply doesn’t. Honestly, its probably the last thing that keeps people around playing the game. Everyone wants this fast progression/easy items etc, when they get it, they’re gone until more content comes.

If your only gripe is lack of customization and progression ( which im assuming is just about the battlepass) then you really should be patting 343 on the back. They’ve done a great job and this halo release has been the best in its history. The game still needs work, but its a diamond in the rough. They plan on using Infinites platform for the next 10 years. Do you really think this is all were getting?

Take a step back, and be patient, and let them do their job.

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F2P was the best decision they could have made.

Honestly can respect that response, I have some gripes with the whole ‘slapping a price tag on everything and only letting us earn some things’. I do get it, 343 has to make money back and this may not be 100% their idea, could be something Microsoft pushed for, I can’t say for the business model end of the company.

For what little we have though, I’m having a lot of fun even given the number of maps and game modes we have. I’d like to be able to actually customize my Spartan instead of just picking a starter color and waiting for weeks on end to get something. But as long as they strive to make improvements, I’ll keep playing. Not gonna let the bad outweigh the good when there is so much good about this game so far.

Free to play would only hold onto casual audiences for maybe a few months. At the end of the day it’s just gonna be actual Halo fans left here with this awful free to play monetization.

Free to play was the best decision for their wallets and the worst decision for the people actually playing the game.

Free to play was a mistake.

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YES!!! And they had 6 freakin years to work on this. They have a mess on their hands.


343 is very lucky. They are very lucky that battlefield is in disarray, they are very lucky that COD has been steadily going downhill for years (aside from warzone.) And they are especially lucky that this is “Halo.” If this game had any other name, everybody would have jumped ship already.

The free to play mindset has taken then away from halo.

The game modes available - horrible for people who don’t want to be forced to play objectives.

The in game event - terrible for those that don’t have time to farm the normal challange.

The power weapon balance is a joke. Let’s make 4 snipers type weapons.

The standard weapon balance - why would you remove the dmr and add in a terrible automatic dmr thing and pretend like it’s an equal to the br. (If your side of the map has the commando, the other side has a br)

Why is the AR a mid range weapon? The range and accuracy at range just makes no sense.

The maps are boring and unbalanced.

There is so much more needed to this game to then just some fixes to the store and customization. BRING. BACK. HALO. And take away this half -Yoink!- game.

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When Halo Reach first came out, Players had the ability to rank up and CHOOSE which armor they unlocked using the credit system. There is no choice with this game. You rank up and unlock hardly anything, which is the same 3 items as everyone else. The customization is terrible and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Games in 2021 shouldn’t be worse than 2010.


Halo 5 failed, the game was dead for months during content droughts, and with the way infinite is shaping up then there is for sure going to be another content drought issue
Mcc died for years until it was fixed
This idea that nothing is going to happen to infinite because its so fun is the hype speaking
The games already down 30% of players after 2 weeks, and when the hype dies off and for 6 months all we can do is buy content, then this game will have a tiny population come march which may only come back up if forge is amazing and things are fixed
This game can and will die if its not fixed, no one wants to see it but its whats shaping up
Content drought, lack of player reward, campaign expansions not confirmed nor are any planned or in the works, the shop is padded to last till march and there is 4 gamemodes, this is more barebones then halo 5s launch so it can more then certainly die off


MCC’s challenges and mode selection is perfect and I don’t understand why they didn’t simply copy it.


Halo infinite in its current state, is better than any halo on release. Please don’t compare to halo reach, do you not remember the mindless PvE grind that we had to do for this? It was not fun, so please, don’t go there… lol. Games in 2021 are 20 times as difficult to produce than games back in 2010 by the way.

Halo infinite in its current state, is better than any halo on release.

You’ve GOT to be trolling at this point. Halo Infinite is so severely lacking in content plus Halo Reach’s progression/unlock is much MUCH better than the garbage we have now.


I’ve played every single halo, not casually, but extremely competitively… for years, since I was a teenager. I’m not basing how good the game is on it’s cosmetics and progression system. I’m basing it purely on the functionality and feel of the game. besides a few minor issues with bugs/balancing, yes, infinite is far superior than any halo on release.

I remember perfectly well. It was the last Halo title I poured hours of my life into. Halo Reach wasn’t close to my favorite Halo game. I thought Reach could have had way more customization options than it did to reduce the grind. With that said, it shouldn’t be difficult to have better options in Infinite, especially after the content updates in MCC.

I have a bachelor’s in game design, so I do have some insight on the industry. It’s phenomenally easier to create games nowadays, especially when you own all the content from all previous titles. They don’t build everything from scratch - a lot can be reused to save time and money.

I’m confident there will be tons of things added to the game, and it’s been confirmed new weapons and maps and everything.

Here’s the problem; this game was designed to be incomplete. Back in the good ol days, before all this bull of seasons and really even dlc. A game had to be complete, it had to be polished. By the time it was released it was a gem. Now days that’s almost never the case. This game is a fraction of what we were promised, on top of all the bold faced lies, because they plan to “add content as the seasons progress.” I understand the mentality and the direction but this is just a lie of a tease.