This game is going to fail. And it's because of greed and lack of customization

This gameplay is great. I love halo and overall it’s fairly balanced. But this matchmaking, this challange system and this battle pass are absolutely terrible. This game was 50 steps backwards compared to bungie’s halo.

Why are there no skilled matchmaking queues?

Why am I being forced to play game types that I do not find fun or even remotely enjoyable to play?

Why are there no individual weapon challange that I can progress to get experience?

Why are MY challange based off my team or my enemies performance? (Getting 5 kill joys)

Why are you so greedy that in order to progress through the battle pass I have to pay money, on something that was advertised as people who pay will not have exclusive content.

This game was not made for people who enjoy halo. This game was made for 343i to make a profit. By attracting all of the pay to win people.

Why is there an event that forces me to play regular games just to rank up in the event???

This game will not last past season 1 if they do not fix this terrible system. The few times we get slayer is not enjoyable enough to hold us here till December 8th and there must be dramatic improvement on December 8th to succeed past then.


Why can’t I queue for Slayer lol

Challenge-only based progression is absolutely tedious & even more difficult when we can’t queue for the modes we need.


With the challenge system, it’s incredibly blatant that 343 hates and has no respect for the fans of this series.


For a game like this to fail it would take a massive amount of backlash. Nothing the halo community is willing to dish out. Only new IP’s fail, not old ones.

It wouldn’t necessarily take backlash, it would just take a large community of people to stop playing. Which the way the game is set, it’s already getting boring because of the forced gametypes and lack of progression.

Not to mention the blatant lie told be 343i.

https: //youtu. be/h4ATKxz9PFc


yeah I think this even has broken a lot of us myself included.

I will be finishing a few more challanges then uninstalling because it isn’t worth it for my mental health to keep playing.


I mean maybe if you have played for only a few hours. But on what planet do you live where things are balanced? The weapon balance is the worst it has ever been.


I am speaking mostly in terms of ranked. I could spend a few hours listing all the problems with the guns, maps, gameplay, item customization, battle pass, shop etc. But I already said all of it during the tech preview and they didn’t read it and care then, why would they now?

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THIS RIGHT HERE. They really think we are going to spend real life money on challenge swaps for this event?? disgusting.


What makes it the worst?

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it’ll be good in 6-12 months when i finally unlock the items in the first battlepass :smiley:

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you guys are lucky the industry is in such bad shape right now because five years ago this would have been unacceptable.

-no co op campaign on launch
-no forge
-customization is hidden behind a pay wall
-same old multiplayer with some new, poorly balanced weapons, that are either too strong or are a pea
shooter, while discarding old classic guns, or replacing them
-no dualing weapons
-no jetpack
-no elites in multiplayer
-no battle royal mode
-no horde mode
-instead gives us a horrible btb gamemode that is basically ctf but with like 6 battery things? (clusterfuck)
-spawning in matches is bad on small maps and will put you in places you get spawnkilled
-melee is way overpowered, feels like you can kill people with it while their shield is up. up close battles are
won by whomever melees first, usually
-shields are way to weak and take way too long to recharge, fix one thing or the other to balance this
-I have already covered this but what you have done to the carbine is disgusting it use to be my most loved weapon and now its my most hated


i don’t see how this is lucky though, if anything it’s bad timing.
i’d rather live 5 years ago where this was and is infact unacceptable. that way people would actually have high standards for games in general, so that games releasing half finished would actually get punished

free to play game, currently in beta. whining about challenges? I really don’t get why people are complaining about “lack of progression”. I haven’t intentionally completed any challenges for the BP and im level 16… 1 week into the BP and im 16% done with the BP that doesnt end for 6 months.

stop -Yoink!-. you baby.

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Not everyone has time to play 190 games in a week like you nor do they want to


Totally agree. It’ll fail also cause there is zero Battle Royale mode. Lmao!!

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the challenges are so unfun… at least with MCC i could get xp for both playing good in my own way, whiles also doing the challenges on the side, i feel double rewarded. with infinite, even if i play good, i ain’t doing what the challenges want me to, the very specific challenges, so i get -Yoink- all for my efforts, but a measly ‘50 xp’… bleh. i’m already tired of the game

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Unfortunately feel like this is true in the current state of gaming. The Arena Shooter genre is essentially on life support these dfays.

Honestly in my opinion. Halo should shift from MP to going to be like ODST with just firefight, and have more game modes like that where its more team based for Multiplayer. Another extreme would be to just have it turn into like Metro and toss out Multiplayer because as is I only play MP for customization and this system is garbage in infinite, from the store being overpriced and having armors exclusively locked to it, to coatings. All I want is to create my CQB Spartan with Gold and Seafoam for her colors, but Infinite doesn’t allow me to do that and with the limited nature of everything, I don’t even have the drive to play because there is nothing for me if I will forever have armors that are locked yet I can get Emblems and Skins in the Battle Pass.

Honestly at this point I would prefer Halo to take the Metro route just so we can have a good game since its been polarizing with Halo 4 and MCC being the only 343 made projects that actually hold well overall. The games outside of those are very polarizing with good multiplayer like Halo 5 (at times) or good story like Halo Wars 2 and seemingly Infinite. At this point I want my 10 dollars back for a battle pass I won’t progress in, and I’ll wait for any story based DLC because I feel Infinite has that potential to do well but the Multiplayer has already been a dumpster fire for me so back to MCC I go to stay.

battlepass never ends btw.