This game is fun

So i am at the part where you first meet the skimmers and i can twstify to the fact that this game is so much fun…

I am playing on normal and because of that i can just run into a terrible situation and get murder everyone and not die and it is so fun.

The story so far is also good but I won’t spoil anything.

And finally, the environmental story telling is awesome… there are so many instances in the open world where there was a past battle and there are bodies and krap lying around and it looks really cool…

If you haven’t gotten this game, you should… you really should. It is awesome


I played the flighting every day it was available, I played the multiplayer on day 1 all the way up to campaign release, and I’ve been playing through the campaign on legendary and am loving the whole game so far. I love this game and the 343 team seems to like Halo even more than we do. A job well done.

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