This game is failing!

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i dont understand why im yet seeing the exact same issues i’ve witnessed for the past 2 weeks. Its making zero sense how a company cant get a copy and pasted game right. The fact that it takes me about 30-40 mins to connect to a friends party is blasphemy. i can only search matchmaing with one other person i guess thats an improvement from none .Also after finishing the game we still get departed and we have to go through a 30 minute process just to join one another. ive tried to keep my cool with this game but obviously 343 does not care about the MCC due to halo 5 beta coming so theyre focused more on that. They atre truly laughing at us while shoving theyre middle finger up all our behinds. people should start taking action against these oblivious selfish -Yoinks!-. ITS ABSOLUTLY RI_FUCKING_DICULOUS OF WTF IS HAPPENING TO THIS GAME AND IS TICKING ME OFF THAT I PAYED 60$ FOR A -Yoinking!- GAME THAT WORKS 25% OF THE TIME. GREAT JOB -Yoinks!- 2 MIDDLE FINGERS UP FOR YOU GUYS 343. UPDATES DOING ABSOLUTELY -Yoink- TO THE GAME.

Your post is irrelevant and pointless when others are saying the same thing but are relaying their complants as data for 343 to look at fixing.

sigh just go away please.

It works for me. I havent had one issue post 2nd patch… cexcept:

Rank has been reset twice
But at least teams are always balanced
But now people keep quitting
But at least I find a match in 30 seconds
But sometimes the game ends adruptly.
But at least we were losing
Halo MCC.

Ups and Downs, but I can play the game efficiently enough.

As for me it also needs an unbelivable Long Time to find a game and many Times at the end of it i will be droped and have to restart the Long searching for another Game! Also the Matchmaking variety is sooooo little,all These things are very sad,as i was so excited and happy to be able to be Playing all the Halo Games online!