This game is dying matchmaking is taking at least 10 minutes to find a match on PC

I bought the game on steam last Saturday and unfortunately, it’s like no one plays this game anymore, is taking at least 10 minutes to find a match, I spend more time on matchmaking and actually playing the game, and I’m from US

I thought only Overwatch had this kind of issue

What are you searching for? Only Rumble Pit (8 Player FFA) takes that long for me.

I can even find H2 BTB in the evenings faster than that.

When are you searching for H2? I havent been able to find a H2 BTB match in almost a year

Around 8PM EST, pretty consistent.

Ah, thank you. Thats 5pm PST for me, im usually just leaving work. So that explains why I don’t find any by 7.

As for not finding matches on pc… Its probably worse population wise and well, alot of us on console have been turning crossplay off. For me its because I started to regularly running into cheaters from pc.

Theres definitely alot of other more prevalent reasons id imagine.

Matchmaking has been struggling for a long time. The game hasn’t had good matchmaking times for a while sadly. I’ve even had wait times going from 1 to 3 hours in some playlists.

I got around to trying MCC out again the other day after mainly sticking to infinite when I want to play an FPS, and yeah waits can be pretty brutal. For the games that were already popular like 3, Reach, and 4 I haven’t noticed that much of a change, and with the CGB there’s always some match of Reach you can find. For the less popular titles though, like CE and 2 classic? Absolute torture to find a match. It makes me sad, I really want to play some BTB in those games but it just way too long to get in a game, and for 2 especially the only things in the CGB are silly free for all matches with boosted player counts.