This game is deliberatley just a money-grab and it's a disgrace to Halo

The developers (mainly the executive ones, I suspect) knew exactly what they were doing. They couldn’t have screwed up this badly by accident. This was deliberate, to get as much money as they could on lazy project they didn’t bother to come up with any new or creative ideas for, which is why it’s boring and losing players. That, and the horrendous little monetization scheme, which I suspect was planned as:

  1. Minimal customization and arbitrary walls, with overpriced store items to cash in on the people who will buy anything
  2. “Change our minds” based on “feedback”: reduce the prices to make us look like we’re trying, and drip-feed more minimal customization to keep some players biting
  3. “Change our minds” about earnable credits and add them in season 2 to convince the players who saw through us after season 1 sucked go “oh, well, if I buy season 2 then I can get enough credits for the next season and not have to spend money on it anymore” so we can perpetuate the system

This game is already so far down in popularity (check the recent Forbes article, the numbers are real bad)… it should be heartbreaking, but honestly at this point it’s just hilarious that they’re still sticking to that “10 years of support” BS. This game will be dead as fast as Halo Wars 2, for so many reasons, including but not limited to…

  • The multiplayer is unimaginative, severely lacking in content, and lazy in design. There are just over half as many maps in this game as there were in Halo: CE, which is 20 years old.
  • The campaign setting is incomparably bland and repetitive, with a grand total of three textures for the entire overworld, and less unique levels than Halo: CE, which again is 20 years old…
  • The story is just as repetitive (don’t believe me? The phrase “this ring is not like the others” or some variation of that is used 19 different times, always in such dramatic fashion it made me want to punch every character in their digital throat by the end). It also has more plot holes than Harry Potter.
  • The game, even after months of post-release “work” is still rather buggy.

Now, were the old Halo games perfect? No. No game is perfect. But those games are still fun to play today, multiplayer and campaign. Not because they’re flawless or perfectly balanced or have all these great features; not even because of customization, even though 343 severely screwed that up too. They just had creative ideas. The game’s had interesting stories, unique environments, fun enemies to fight and fun maps to play on. They didn’t have to be perfect, they just needed to be fun.

This game simply is not fun, because it is a money grab made by lazy, unimaginative people who just wanted to cash in on nostalgia for one last time before throwing the franchise to the dumpster fire, and it’s sick.

343, you are officially the worst, I’m done with this game. I’m sorry to the players that I wasted my money on you buying the campaign. Won’t make that mistake ever again.

Okay, rant over. Bye.


Hopefully you find your way back into the fold some day, till then best of luck on future projects