This game is a joke!

This game is a joke.
I was enjoying it when i first started playing but now im starting to hate it.
Firstly the only way for a guarenteed win is if youre on a team.
I bought this game for enjoyment because thats what games are for.
Secondly i dont want to be on a team because i dont know anyone who plays this game.
I was on a Spartan Company but there was no one who wanted to play together all they wanted was the Achilles armor.
I played this game over the weekend hoping for some enjoyment but all i got was misery because every opposition i played, was on a team.
I tried searching on Focused but i didnt find anyone!
Im level 54 i play the game when i can but continuously losing game after game is a -Yoink- joke.
This game has no balance. It is full of buttholes who think theyre good because theyre on teams and maybe are communicating
Why is it that when ive got an opponent down to one shot he lags out of the way and my shot misses and his teammate comes out of nowhere to kill me?
Why isnt this game designed for solo players first and teams second?
Frustration, Anger, Dissappointment.
I want my money back please.

Any refunds would need to be taken up with either the retailer you purchased the game from, or Xbox / MS support if you bought digitally from the store.
I would recommend teasing over the matchmaking feedback and archived threads in this forum though, most of your queries have been discussed by Dr. Menke