This game has atrocious matchmaking

  • Get consistently matched with an entire team of Diamond rank players against a team of all Onyx’s
  • Have to play horrible maps like Behemoth and Bazaar
  • Every game takes like 5 minutes to find a single match even though as I said it doesn’t do anything in terms of consistently putting you in fair matches
  • puts me in 2v4’s then I quit and it bans me

I decided to uninstall this game and wait a few months before they get this sorted out. It is simply worthless to have a ranking system that doesn’t do anything in terms of putting you in fair and balanced matches. Infinite is fun but the matchmaking/ranking system is dogwater and it will never be worth playing if it puts you into horrendous lobbies. This game has what? like 100k players? Are you seriously gonna tell me that it can’t do better in terms of finding matches? I get why someone that is 2500 probably can’t find other players as high, but I’m 1600 and so there are like 20k people higher than me which makes this MM experience nothing but frustrating and shallow.

I don’t play ranked, social is more fun

I like playing tight matches. Social just isn’t competitive enough for me.