This game feels rigged

My win/loss has been stuck at 50% for the longest time and my K/D was 1.0-1.1 for a while…

That’s painfully average as a solo player i feel like 343 gives me a good team then a bad team just to keep the balance going xD

^ I’m mostly joking so don’t take this too seriously i just find it hilarious

At least i was able to raise my K/D to 1.260! Thanks for that 343

I’m a solo player as well, but I’m at 60% with a 1.7, feel free to invite me if you see me on. I’m always willin to help get ppl wins

Have to agree with you there, however I am usually on a team of friends, even so we get about 50% w/l check out my stats/ clan stats for proof.