This game desperately needs Combat Evolved and Halo 2 maps or spiritual successors to those maps for Arena and BTB

And a separate “Classic mode Playlist” with

— Dual Wielding added

— Playable Elites and Brutes with customization

Map remakes or map sequels adjusted for Infinite movement Mechanics for: Midship, Lockout, Ivory Tower, Epitaph, Sandtrap, Waterworks, Zanzibar, Ascension, Wizard ( or Desolation ), Containment, Headlong, Epitaph, Boarding Action ( with low gravity in middle chasm ), Blood Gulch, Sidewinder, and Colossus ( Colossus is one of The best CTF maps ever made )

— Halo Legacy weapons imported for classic mode( Spartan Laser, Beam Rifle, SmG’s, Brute Shot, Carbine, LMG )

— option for Sprint Removed for classic mode ( I like Sprint, but for the ‘legacy’ old school playlist it should be removed )

— Old vehicle physics for warthog and return of the Spectre, Prowler and Mantis

— Pre and Post game lobbies with voice chat ( if you don’t like the lobby Chat, just toggle it off, it’s that simple, most of us Halo players want this feature re- added )

— ( Long Term Goal for 2023 Forge ) Ability to mix and match weapon sandboxes of previous games together for Forge and custom games like having Halo 3 equipment usable on Halo 2 maps with Halo 4 weapons type of Mix/match options ( maybe not even possible or too expensive to add as a feature so this is a “if possible and not too difficult to make” idea )

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I think in a few years a lot of this might really be an option. My hopes for Infinite is that all previous Halos can be perfectly created within it (may be a pipe dream).

Would be good if we get a custom games workshop with forge where we can tinker with whatever we want.

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That’s what I’m hoping as a stretch goal for Forge sandbox options, but given the current state of the game I’ll just be happy if they can add something like a handful of Halo 2 maps, the Spectre vehicle, lobby Chat and add gametypes like Assault, VIP and Shotty Snipers

Halo 2 maps like Collosus, Midship, Containment, Zanzibar and Ivory Tower were flawless for CTF and Assault gametypes.

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I genuinely believe the Forge release will be absolutely massive for the game.

Not sure why but I have such high hopes for it. Halo 5’s didn’t pop off as much as I’d have hoped given the quality of the kit. So I’m hoping they’ve thought about how to implement it more organically into the game. We need a file share back!

I think you’re right. They wouldn’t be delaying it so far unless the scope of it is a huge leap above Halo 5.

I’m guessing dynamic weather, lighting, Biomes, foliage and more.

If they have flyable Pelicans and Phantoms and the ability to have 32 player maps and several new vehicles in different Biomes, I’ll be happy.

Snow maps with ice and blizzards would be awesome

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There has been some leaks about it, but I haven’t watched them which hopefully is promising.

Yeah I saw those leaks, and they look promising so far

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This is such a massive feature for a playlist. It would never happen.

Another massive feature. I don’t see them making anything like this for a playlist. Elites for all multiplayer, maybe.

I can actually see them doing this for more than just a classic playlist. Like bringing back the classic shotgun to replace a power weapon spawn in certain maps.

Meh. Only if it’s the least intrusive implementation possible. Meaning that if I don’t want to opt in, I’ll spend ZERO extra time pre/post game lobby. I don’t want to see the screen at all. I don’t want there to be any increase in the amount of time it takes to get into or out of a match.

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I wholeheartedly disagree on a lot of these.

I think dual wielding made the weapon sandbox much worse in Halo 2 and 3. All dual-wieldable weapons had to be downgraded to not make them overkill in those games.

This would be cool, but I think back to Halo 3 when very few people actually took advantage of this opportunity.

I agree but have a feeling most of these maps would not translate well to the new weapon sandbox.

Hard disagree on most of these. I think the Beam Rifle, Spartan Laser, SMG and Brute Shot are unnecessary adds. We already have similar weapons in the sandbox of the S7, the Skewer, the AR, the Cindershot, and the BR filling these roles and shouldn’t add those before any weapons which would add to the sandbox. Agree with you on the SAW or the Sticky Detonator making a return though.

That’s fair for a classic mode.

Yeah something needs to be done about this, the vehicles are clunky as hell and the weapon sandbox is super geared up to deal with them this time around.

I really don’t care for this personally and don’t see the need for it.

Agree that this would be cool but it would take years to make for a feature I don’t think is really necessary to expand to the game. I think co-op, firefight etc are much higher priorities.